Disney-MGM Studios 1-5-03

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Sunday, January 12, 2003 6:02 AM

I arrived at the park just before park opening at 9. After entering the park I headed right for the Tower of Terror to try out the new tower 4 program. I waited the 10 minutes in the standby time and was impressed by the ride especially the ability of the ride to shoot you up. I thought it was a good ride but was lacking big drops. I then headed over to the Rock and Rollercoaster where I grabbed a Fastpass and waited in the standby line for 10 minutes for two quick rides. First thing I noticed was Disney doesn't check the OTSR on this coaster which was kinda of shocking being used to Six Flags and Cedar Fair ops. This ride is very smooth for a Vekoma but it doesn't quite have the B&M smoothness to it. It did shake but no headbanging. The ride didn't impress me though since I have ridden much more intense launches and it seemed like the ride was just a bunch going around in circles with a few inversions thrown in. I realized that most of the rides at Disney while themed very good produced decent to lackluster rides for coasters. I understand Disney wants the rides to be catered to everyone but they just don't seem very unique. After the Rock and Rollercoaster I headed over to the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. This is exactly like the game show and the set is exactly the same with real cameras and big screen TVs. They allow the audience to play along and if you get the fastest finger or accumulate the most points you get to play for the million. They give away a Disney cruise if you win the million. They give away hats and shirts for the lower prizes. If you are a big fan of game shows especially this one you should come and play it. Its very fun. After that I rode the Great Movie Ride which was decent. I wonder after they get rid of the MGM name they are gonna have to get rid of all the MGM movies during this ride? I also rode the backlot tour and Star Tours. I also got to see the great Indiana Jones show. At 6 we headed over to see the lights which were awesome. They had 5 million lights and made it snow. It was amazing especially with the 3-D glasses. After that I got another ride on Tower of Terror and it was a different program. This program was much better and had tons of big drops. I loved it the best drop ride ever. After all of that and catching the Fantasmic! show we left the park. I was very impressed with Disney-MGM studios. The park is albeit small but with a few more rides I would pick this over the Magic Kingdom any day of the week.

Favorite Wood: Viper at SFGAM,Shivering Timbers
Favorite Steel: Magnum and Raging Bull


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