Disney MGM park opens in Paris

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Disney has opened its tenth theme park, an MGM movie park to compliment Disneyland Paris. The new 50-acre park cost more than a half-billion dollars to build and includes many of the elements found in the similar Orlando park. Disney expects to attract 12 million to 16 million visitors annually at the new park.

Read more from the Orlando Sentinel.

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Boy! I remember all of the jokes & harsh words aimed at Disney after Euro-Disney/DLP opened. "It was a huge mistake, it will never work, it will be closed in five years."

It is now the biggest tourist attraction in Europe. Guess who is laughing now! *** This post was edited by wahoo skipper on 3/13/2002. ***

From the news post:
"Disney has opened its tenth theme park, an MGM movie park to compliment Disneyland Paris."

It's not an MGM park, it's Walt Disney Studios Paris. The only thing is that it is modeled (ever so slightly) after the Studios park in Orlando. Just so there's no confusion. :)


Jeff, I have to correct you on a small fact, This New Disney Studios park actually OFFICALLY opens Saturday 16th March, It does say this in that report if you read it carefully, so just for the record, the park hasnt actually opened just yet, but will do in just 3 days time.

Looks like a great park, I may plan for a vist there probably next year because of my busy year ahead.

Well there's another trip I must plan. Ugh! I can't keep up! I suppose I should finish the US first! :)
Don't.....look.....back! The Headless Horseman awaits you in 2002!
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For those who have been, are they fairly bilingual there? What about the German parks?

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Yes VERY bi-lingual. The UK isn't very far away, and they get lots of tourists from there AND the US for that matter.

Your village called. They're missing their idiot.

Yes...both the French and the Germans have a large bilingual population. You can find that people are even more helpful if you learn some of their phrases like hello and thanks, etc.

Je veux aller le Disney-MGM studios, le nouvelle parc est bon!

I cant wait to get to Paris!

HurricaneGeauga- Just in case

I was at Disneyland Paris 1 year ago and I found it to be alright. The crowds were almost non-existant while I was there. Everything was pretty much a walkon. Getting there was easy from the city. Hop on the train and your there. Piece of cake.



I wouldn't say they're VERY bilingual....You should have no problem at a Disney Park, BUT, if you want friendly service, you better brush up on some french, they GREATLY appreciate it when you adapt to their culture.

Think of it like this, if French person came to the United States on vacation, and expected you to know french, would you be very happy? Basically the same way with them


Half a billon and 16 million is their anual expectation. Well let's hope that we don't have another California Adventure situation.



Just another plug for Disneyland Paris - it's a park that gets little attention here in the US. The architecture and landscaping is downright beautiful, the rides are well planned out, and slightly more elaborate versions of the US ones (the Pirates of the Carribbean actually drink rum!!), and it's cheap as anything to get in. I have to say, i love Disney World, but it is a little hokey at times. But i found Disneyland Paris to reflect the classier tastes of the French culture (and that's not to say the staff was uppity - they were very friendly!).
Now, with the expansion, it'll be even more of a destination. I wonder if it will be flashy like MGM florida, or if they made it more stylized and subdued to reflect European film culture? If you're only going to be in Paris for a few days, of course you should go to the Louvre and other museums and see the important sights. But, if you're going for a week or more, it's definitely worth the day-trip to Disney.

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