Disney making bigger costumes to accommodate bigger workers

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To accommodate the ballooning bodies of American workers, the Magic Kingdom is redesigning some of its costumes for ride operators, shop clerks, waitresses and other employees. The super-sizing of costumes is the latest wrinkle in the park's unending quest to balance Walt Disney's storybook vision of perfection against real-world practicalities.

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As I said at a Disney fan site...I don't want to see the XXL version of Ariel.
"Disneyland can't be as picky as it used to be," said Jamie O'Boyle, a theme-park scholar at the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis in Philadelphia.

Wow! How do you go about getting THAT gig?

And I DO NOT want to see a boy playing Snow White, or a plump (FAT) girl either. Look the part, or park the cars.

There is no such thing as 'Theme Park Scholar'. You have a degree in Parks and Recreation Management, Commercial Tourism, or you don't. Then you get a job. No thinking.

CCSA could just be a store front with 3 college flunkies freelancing articles by day and vacuming USAirwys jets by night. Just a hunch.

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You mean like Chris Godsey?

I'm here all week.


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