Disney launches theme park podcast

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The Walt Disney World Resort has announced a weekly podcast that will include behind-the-scenes information of their four theme parks as well as interviews with Disney celebrities. Upcoming broadcasts will feature Imagineers detailing the construction and design work of the Expedition Everest attraction.

Read more from Podcasting News.

They were feeling the competition from Coasterbuzz...so they had to start their own before CB took too much market share!
Admitidly, I'm a bit of a Disney Theme Park nerd, but I have to say that the Disneyland Monthy Podcast and the special series of 6 1 hour episodes they did during the 50th kickoff and the actualy 50th were amazing. They were my intro to podcasting, and the content is nearly impossible to top. Interviews with Isner, Iger, Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Diane Disney, imageneers, execs, etc.

If the Disney World Podcast is half is good, Disney fans are in for a treat.

See...they've already infiltrated our ranks and started the propoganda war! :-)

This could become the next Microsoft versus Netscape...

Microsoft versus Firefox for the modern age. ;)
Sea World in San Diego has had a podcast since August 2005!...The 1st official Amusement Park/Animal Park Podcast!

http://www.seaworld.info/rss/ (website) AND

http://www.seaworld.info/rss/podcast/pod.xml (feed)

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