Disney introduces Premier Passport ticket for bicoastal theme park access

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Disney just announced during Disney’s annual shareholders meeting that a new premium annual pass for admission to the parks at both Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort will be offered beginning Thursday. It’s called “Disney Premier Passport” and it’ll feature the same benefits you get with the “premium” annual passes for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts for $700, plus applicable- sales tax.

Read more on the official Disney parks blog.

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Uh, how many people go to both Disneys in the same year? Is this one of those "perks" that sounds good, but is never really used by anyone?

as a front desk cast member at one of the Florida Deluxe Resorts, i see it all the time. We get alot of Guests from California coming in for vacation and are angry when they cannot use their Disneyland annual pass.

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I used to go to each destination once a year. It's really not that uncommon amongst Disney fans.

Now, we go once, because I'm married and paying for 2 people. However, if airfare was cheaper, I'd probably get this and go back to doing both.

Maybe they should check to see if it will be honored before making the trip across country?

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We go to both at least once a year and with DVC usually more as we can use our points on both sides.

I dont think its as uncommon as it seems.. And really, this is a benefit that really doesnt cost the parks more than what they can bring in.

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And as I said in the other thread. The cost of this isnt much more than the premium pass at WDW so moving to this really isnt too much of a leap if you have the premium already.

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I think it's a lot more common than one would expect. Do you guys think it's priced right? Presumably you're entitled to all kinds of discounts, as with a standard WDW annual pass. I recall paying nearly $500 in 2008, but made up at least $250 in rooms, tours and buying an 8-day ticket for someone else.

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I'd say so, if you break it down that way. I remember in 2005, they were practically giving away rooms to pass holders - $59 /night for values, and $109 for moderates. If you spend enough time there, it surely will equal out.

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For non DVC or Florida folks the Premium for WDW is $659 with tax. If this pass is ~$700 just to add DL. I think thats worth the cost.

Plus you can get room discounts, food and beverage discounts and shopping discounts.

As passes go, its priced high. (Even the DVC people are crying "Discounts" already). But if you are already shelling out for a premium in general, then its only a few more dollars to add DL perks and that provides pretty quick value add to this.

I wonder if they will discount renewals like they do the other APs. I havent seen anything on that yet (as we havent run a full year with this).

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I'll have to agree with you, though, Ken. If they offered a monthly price, it'd sweeten the deal, just a tad.

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I know they considered for locals, but thats so cheap and less necessary. I cant imagine there is a lot of risk to them to offer monthly. They are getting their money either way and at this point are the only park out there that has passes > $200 that doesnt offer a payment system.

I just think they would increase their pass base. But perhaps they dont want to sway people from the MYW park ticket purchasing system.

Do you guys think it's priced right?

I expected it to come in closer to $800, myself. I think $700 is a steal. Even if you only have the "regular" WDW AP (not including the waterparks) you can add DLR for <$200---about the cost of a 3-day DLR parkhopper.

If you hold the DLR premium AP, you can add WDW for about $270. That's a shade under the 3-day WDW parkhopper.

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Yeah, Diana guesstimated $800-1000 when I asked her what she thought. Are there passes for WDW that don't include the water parks or something? Because I know I didn't pay $700 in 2008.

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Yes. The regular AP (just the four theme parks) is something like $520 give or take.

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I was comparing the premium mostly because the Premier is the premium plus DLR. So (more so personally) the economics is relative to that pass since its technically closer in relation to that pass.

That said, I think this may have a slight encouragement to those on the normal pass because for $200 they gain the water parks and DQ at WDW, and DLR. Of course all this goes back to the ultimate question: Will I visit DLR this year?

However for those with premiums (non DVC/Florida) the extra ~$60 to take a chance on going to DLR or not is almost worth the extra cost regardless.

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In that case, I guess being a FL resident does have its advantages. I ended up paying half that (maybe less?), and got 15 months through some special deal they were running...still not sure how that worked out, somehow I think they managed to "combine offers" since the ended up crediting our Play-4s from April '09 as well. When the offer arrived in the mail, I even remember posting about it. A year of Disney for the price of one day? Ridiculous but true.

OTOH, I've since upgraded from SP to AP, so there was money for them there....that probably put the total for my AP at right about half (say, 250-270)....but it was still 15 months instead. Almost makes up for the crappy FL Winter, LOL.

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Outside of the big Disney nerds, I wonder who will really take advantage of this. I suspect it might also depend on where you live and what your prior experience is. I mean, prior to moving to the Northwest, I was in no hurry to visit the SoCal parks, but here I am, and they're pretty cheap to get to. And since Orlando has been a twice (or thrice, or fourice) annual thing, I still have desire to go there. I suppose if you were ever on the fence about doing both in a twelve-month span, this probably would help push you over the edge.

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Well there is one thing not to ignore in this numerical equation. I think there are a lot of Disney Nerds out there. that Disney probably doesnt have to look outside that group too much.

I think the number of Disney fanatics easily double or triple general coaster nerds, not to mention some also fill dual roles as well.

Surf the blogs/websites/fansites and you will see Disney Dorks all over the place.

^I think of Disney nerds as another part of the spectrum of park enthusiasts. They occupy the most "mild" postion as some of them refuse to ride coasters, but are big on theme, shows and entering a fantasy world when at a park. The "wild' part of the specturm is the coaster only people who just will go to parks to ride coasters, over and over again.

I tend to think that the two ends have an equal amount of people, but their number is much smaller then those of us the fall between them (setting up the classic "bell curve")

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