Disney hotels and timeshares go entirely smoke free

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Walt Disney World announced it will ban smoking in all guest rooms, indoor public areas, balconies and other locations at all company-owned and -operated hotels, and all Disney Vacation Club resorts at Disney World. That is 20 properties altogether.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

I'm sure Disney has an "out" in the contract... But Vacation Club inclusion is interesting. Smokers who bought into the Vacation Club...many who bought years ago...

Lets just say that this move has the qualities of bait and switch. I'm all for private companies making whatever rules they deem appropriate. I think I might have a problem with them changing the rules AFTER somebody has paid their money in good faith. On the surface this seems wrong.

P.S. If any of you smoking Vacation Club owners are mad and want to protest through gifting your points and NEVER visiting Disney again...please note that I'm willing to accept your points to help YOUR cause. :)

Well it's Disney's property, they can do what they want.

No smoking on balconies seems a little extreme though.

The problem with smoking on balconies is the smoke just doesnt disappear , but stays in the area and will have some type of impact on people who are nearby. One cigarette can stink up a area and still have a impact on the smell of the room for the next people who will use it. I wouldnt want to be staying at a smoke free hotel/time share and have my balcony door/window open and have cig smoke coming in from next door.
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OK, just for argument's sake, let's say a smoker bought into a package "in good faith", and now everything is smoke free.

Let's say said smoker is now mad.

Perhaps said smoker could then use this anger, and realization of an emotional reaction tied to his need for cigarettes, and use it as motivation to quit.

Just a thought.

What an incredibly insensitive thing to say OhioStater. I am not a smoker, in fact I know far too many people who have died from it, but even I'm offended by that statement.

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man, more then alcohol, more then cocaine, etc. While some can quit, others who's brains are wired differently can not. To suggest that everyone upset with this decision should just quit shows gross incompetence and lack of empathy.

Back on topic, I would hope that any smoker who is a VC owner is allowed an out on this one.

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You aren't born a smoker. That's a choice you make to start.
Thats true but there are still smokers out there who started smoking before the adverse affects were known.
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You mean prior to 1966? That's people in their late 50's.
^Yes aka the baby boomers, aka the plurality of the US population at the moment. I dont blame anyone who started before that and now cant quit. Also for awhile thanks to the drug companies smoking was not deemed "unhealthy" as a matter of fact for a couple more years.

The people who started after it was established (late 70s/early 80s) I really wonder why in the world they started.

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They might ban cigarettes, but right now Disney is ANYTHING but smoke-free. The whole state seems to be burning, my drive home last night was bad enough, tonight the car is covered in ash in the driveway.

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