Disney hits a high and a low in the same 24 hours...

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If you were on ANY social media site yesterday, you were no doubt blitzed by the enormous amount of coverage Disney garnered with their first-ever 24-hour event (undoubtedly not their last). Seems to me they got more free media yesterday alone than they've gotten since Walt's "Florida Project" opened...

The thing I heard nothing about yesterday, and just saw moments ago, was something of a mis-step at EPCOT. Apparently Disney decided to get into the "body wars" for real, and create an attraction to help educate families and fight childhood obesity - a laudable endeavor named "Habit Heroes". However, some say the online campaign-con-EPCOT exhibit went too far in portraying overweight characters negatively, and encouraging stereotyping of the overweight/obese children. Apparently the negative reaction was considerable, and Disney almost immediately pulled the plug in favor of "retooling" the attraction. Details here: http://www.weightymatters.ca/2012/02/disneys-horrifying-new-interactive.html?m=1

Just found it a little strange - we hear so much about failed attractions at *regular* amusement parks, but rarely hear too much about Disney's "whoops" moments...

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Wow. o_O

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If Disney REALLY cared about eating habits, they wouldn't sell junk food at every turn.

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"Welcome to EPCOT, Fatso". Nice.


They had this at EPCOT? The place where you can eat your way through 32 different countries? "Hey, you fat people, has anyone told you you're lazy and evil too? By the way, don't forget about our dining plans."

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Lord Gonchar said almost 6 years ago:
Look out overweight folks - as soon as society is done with the smokers, you're next.


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Do you keep a database of this sh**?


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Aww c'mon Disney. you are in Florida afterall...

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I can only imagine that Gonch's favorite topic list is huge.

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I bet he has a spreadsheet that keeps with every topic he's posted in, sorted by topic, relevancy, queue management, and date.

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No, my powers are more diety-like as Ensign Smith says.

I have a knack for remembering things - especially in forums. Seems like typing comments helps things stick. I have none of this favorited or bookmarked. Google is my friend (since Jerry isn't).

This one popped up right away with a search of "coasterbuzz.com smaokers fat next" - without quotes and with the mis-type (a lucky fluke - since it doesn't pop up with the correct spelling).

The first result led to a thread where I had quoted myself once already in the past. I just copied that, updated the time reference and pasted it. :)

Now quit looking behind the curtain and let me get back to doing what I do - saying relevant things years ahead of time.


Fits this topic, for sure.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


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I wonder if Disney dare touch the highly controversial point of view of obesity being some sort of illness or disease. The "it's not a choice" POV. Just wondering...

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Mike Gallagher said:

Fits this topic, for sure.

Heh. Too awesome. :)

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Jeff said:
I can only imagine that Gonch's favorite topic list is huge.

Or were we talking about Huey Lewis?

Gonch, the Nostradamus of Coasterbuzz. Actually, I think he wrote to Disney and told them to go after fat people so he could re-post his six-year old comment. :)

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HA! RGB is the conspiracy theorist of CoasterBuzz!

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Even more alarming is that he's right.

what is the difference between "diety-like" and "dietyesque?"

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