Disney hates people who hate alcohol

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Continuing on our sarcastic theme of people Disney does not actually hate, take a whiff of this nonsense...


I suspect Walt would be smoking a J rolled in a hundred dollar bill, if he could.

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Disney has been throwing some serious hate lately. However Walt was a man who loved progress, is this progress or a step backward?

I couldn't tell you, but I can say that there are some horribly miserable people wandering around that place, usually the ones who packed the entire house to visit. Anyway maybe some alcohol will reduce their misery while overpaying for Mickey balloons and $50 popcorn buckets. Who knows.

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The complaining is entirely asinine, because it's predicated on the idea that people only drink to get wasted, and every wasted person is obnoxious. I drink wine at home, and bring my kid to Epcot F&W every week. How is this not "family friendly," and what does that even mean?

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The times, they are a-changing.

The obvious answer here would to not order alcoholic drinks, ignore the other tables, an of thdyd enjoy.

Walt always said Disneyland would always evolve and change; add adding alcoholic drinks in the park certainly qualifies.

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Disney is changing because society is changing. Up until a year ago we did not allow alcohol in our parks. (Candidly, alcohol was in the parks but we did not "permit" it.) Last year we had beer and wine at some of our outdoor concerts and while I was concerned about the reaction to our change of policy it was met with a collective...."meh". Nobody seems to care.

Disney Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom have been selling alcohol for a long time. What was so sacred about the Magic Kingdom? The same families visiting that park on a Tuesday were visiting another on a Wednesday so why they ever drew that arbitrary line in the sand I just don't know.

I do know I sure appreciate being able to get a glass of wine at Tony's and a beer at the Electric Umbrella. I don't believe I've been drunk in a Disney park since the early 90s with some ill-fated "Drinking Around the World" adventures however.

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I'm going to side with Disney on this one. I hate people who hate alcohol, too.


Perhaps 10-15 years ago when parks started rolling out alcohol service and offerings there was more legitimate dialogue and debate over the issue.

Now, it's just comical to read some of the reactions from the general public when parks serve alcohol. We started selling booze at my park in 2005 and today we serve it at 8 different locations. It's a non-factor. And the best part is after my shift, I change out of my uniform and enjoy an ice cold employee discounted beer.

I can't wait for the day (and it will be soon) when I can walk down Main Street USA with a beer in my hand. I might even tie one on and listen for Walt rolling over in his grave...

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"At the thrill parks, alcohol may be served, but isn't widely purchased"

You serious, Clark?

Have you actually *been* to those parks?

A follow up alcohol report. I was at Epcot on Friday for the end of the Flower and Garden Show. Had a beer at Electric Umbrella, a frozen limoncello margarita something in Italy, shared a cider flight in England, had a taste of sake in Japan and had a mule in China. Good day for us and I don't think my day detracted from anyone else's.

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But your family!!!11!!

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Well, my wife had most of those same drinks (oh...I forgot about my maple bacon beer in America) but the kids didn't seem to mind.

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I know, I saw the photos on Facebook. Was just playing the part of obnoxious "what would Walt do" stuper-fan.

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