Disney has eighth straight quarter of year-over-year increase of revenue and profit

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The company's fourth-quarter revenue totaled $8.9 billion, compared with $8.7 billion during the same period last year. Fourth-quarter net profit amounted to $1.8 billion, a 14 percent increase, which allowed Disney to offer diluted earnings of 44 cents a share, up from 36 cents a year ago. A one-time tax adjustment accounted for 2 cents' worth of that increase, but even at 42 cents a share, the company's performance beat the 41-cent prediction of stock analysts surveyed by Thomson/First Call.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

Disney is so much different than Six Flags or Cedar Fair though. You can't just base that on there amusement park properties. They have Hannah Montana for goodness sakes. I don't care for that show, but it seems every kid loves that along with High School Musical. They are producing some good stuff other than the Disney parks.

Of course, they have ESPN, and ABC. The writers strike on ABC and all the networks might be a bad thing though because if they don't get there act together, the sponsors aren't going to pay a lot of money to be seen. Add the Rat movie, and Pirate's of the Caribbean, and you shall see why they are doing so good. It's kind of obvious.

See, I told you Cavemen was a good idea...anyone...anyone...(crickets chirping)

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--who guesses that ABC (other than Boston Legal and Ugly Betty) didnt add much to the bottom line...

^^ That's kinda obvious if you read the article too! ;)

I'm still a firm believer that quality is the reason they keep doing well. When their quality started to suffer around 1999/2000, their profits started showing it. But, they've done a big turnaround lately with Iger in charge.

edit: "Disney's Parks and Resorts, Consumer Products and Broadcast Networks divisions all posted higher sales for the quarter and identical, 7 percent sales increases for the fiscal year. They each also showed reported gains in operating profit."

Looks like ABC did just fine.
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^There is nothing in the article that points out ABC. I'm pretty sure that the "Broadcast Networks" division includes all the cable channels. With the "High School Musical 2" premeire being the highest.rated.basic.cable.program.evar and ESPN having Nonday Night Football, I'm confident that the other channels could make up for an ABCs slump.

But hey, you could be right. Perhaps I'm discounting the female infatuation with 'Dr. McDreamy' ;)

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I <3 Boston Legal. The "new girl" this season is a seriously needed boost to the cast.

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