Disney gives away tickets to all 72,000 fans at Orange Bowl

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The Walt Disney Co. was giving a theme park ticket to each of the more than 72,000 fans attending the Orange Bowl game Tuesday night between Oklahoma and Southern California. The tickets could be worth as much as $4.3 million.

Read more from AP via The Ledger.

Too bad they didn't get a close game to go along with it. Oklahoma's motto was "Finish.", they didn't. 55-19, why wasn't Auburn in that game...
I watched the game... and when they annouced it... I was jealous :(
Looked like USC couldn't wait to get to Disneyland. Too bad the end zone kept getting in the way again and again. And again. And again... and again... and yet again... oh wait, and again...
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Wow... I see a flood of cheap Disneyland tickets on eBay coming up soon.
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This certainly makes up for the punishment, er performance Ashlee Simpson gave. For the 72,000 fans in attendance, that is. I'm still having hearing problems from watching it at home.
Our boys weren't in the game yesterday. It could be a problem of overconfidence, which I feel they had previously. As far as how both teams did this year, I think OU was slightly better in both defence and offence than USC. You have to leave it to the BCS championship though.

Auburn. Ha! Are you kidding me? That's all a bunch of high school drama if you ask me.

Dissapointed okies are giving their Disney tickets away like crazy down here. I think I have a season's pass worth now! If you suck up to me, I might give you a few. ;)

Auburn should have been it that game instead of OU. Not only do they have Campbell, Cadillac, and Ronnie Brown on offense, but they have one of the top 2-3 defenses in the country. This game would have been MUCH closer had the Tigers been it it. Remember, they play in the SEC. They went without a loss while playing Georgia, Florida, Tennessee. Oklahoma played Texas in the Big XII, woo hoo.
Right on Talon...could not have said it better... :-)
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I think they should have given everyone two tickets for enduring that halftime show. That was REALLY sad!
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SEC fan here....obviously...;)

And while I think going through OUR league undefeated should *normally* get you an automatic invite to the BIG GAME, this was not the best year for our league...add in Auburn's absolutely laughable pre-season schedule, and I can understand them being left out...

All that being said, a playoff of some sort will happen eventually, maybe not in my lifetime, but clearly one is needed....incorporate the Bowl structure to keep them happy, but I'd like to see the Utahs and Boises get their shots in against the Auburns and the USCs....would they lose? Probably...but at least they could get their CHANCE....

To turn Ric Flair's phraseology: "You can't beat the man if you don't even PLAY the man"....;)

Actually, I'm not a fan of the SEC. I like Marshall from the MAC (a non-BCS conference). I am right with you on the playoff idea. Division II does it, Division III does it, why not Division I? I'd like to see the best 8-10 teams in the country (which could cause a completely new controversy with the last team or two) fight to win it. Let the national championship game matchup be decided ON the field. It may not be #1 against #2, but the 2 best teams that have been playing great football all year, and still playing great at the time.
I think USC should have played Belt Parkway College.

Either way, I still have my Disney tickets.
Just watch next year - Sooners = BCS Champions

Huge 1A fan here,

1st, I so a poll I think it was on ESPN or something and 97% percent of people said their should be a playoff! But I am against it I Think Bob Stoops was correct when he said that a playoff would take away the importance of the regular season. You see this is what makes it special making ALL the games count. Otherwise the regualr season games would barely even mean that much.College football is unique the bowl games the controversy that is were it thrives!

2nd, Auburn, USC, and Oklahoma all three equally diserved to go to the game. That's three teams one game. One had to be left out it's as simple as that!

3rd, I will say that the preseason poll should not come out. Auburn had no chance as long as Oklahoma and USC kept on winning. Before the bowl games I ranked USC #1 Auburn #2 and Oklahoma #3.

^ How did I post without being logged in? I don't Know?
Giga....you said it yourself...Three teams deserved to be in the title game due to their records...THAT is why a playoff is needed.

Have the top four teams play two bowl games early (around Christmas) then the winners play the National Championship game the Tuesday after New Years. And to make even more money (because some of the "also ran" teams would complain) have it not be one of the already existing bowl games - make it a new one

It's not that difficult, and I just don't understand why the NCAA can't understand that they'll end up making their fans happy while making more money at the same time.

I don't think a playoff game is coming soon...BUT I think we might see a "plus one" AFTER the bowl games. This would not do much for Utah IF a system like that was in place this year, but I still think this is a closer reality than a playoff system.

P.S. I agree that 3 teams deserved to be in the game. Howwever, all things considered, I always think that the team with the toughest schedule should get the benefit of the doubt. The recent BCS changes to deemphasize strength of schedule is the wrong move in my opinion.

P.P.S. Hey jan---I think we may agree that there are some occasions that the old lip sync MAY be better than the alternative! :-)

P.P.P.S. Sure wish I had some of those free tickets (this should qualify my post as coaster worthy I guess)!

redman 822,

A playoff would not help college football like you think it may. If you had it so that the top 8 teams made the playoff then you would have 2 or even 3 loss teams in their. Which as I said would kind of make the regualr season pointless. If you went to 4 teams then there would be even more controversy as to who should be in. Oviously Cal looked really good until the lost. And Utah would be undefeated and not have a chance. Yes the bowl games would recieve more money but the regular season would not. Controversy is what it's all about.

Jeffrey R Smith,

I could not agree with you anymore. Taking away the strength of schedule was an extremely wrong move. However I am glad that margin of victory is out. Remember Ohio State and Miami? Ohio State won by like 3 points per game and Miami by about 20 and Ohio State wins the game.

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