Disney Fastpass time enforcement begins this week

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Though FastPass tickets for Walt Disney World and Disneyland have always specified a return time within a one-hour window, many visitors realized they could come back any time after that window and still be admitted to the FastPass line with little or no wait. But as of this week, Disney watchers say, that wiggle room is evaporating.

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This quote,

And though it will affect regulars who know how to use the leniency to their advantage, most Walt Disney World guests already do return during the designated time window and likely won't notice much of a difference,"

and these comments,

This is too bad. The current system only allowed you to get a few extra fast passes but was a huge help in efficiently getting through the park. This change will be a real negative and seems to serve no real purpose - fp lines were still always extremely short. Why the change?

Sometimes you want to go to a show (Lights, Motors, Action) that is on the opposite end of the park from the ride you have a fastpass for (Rock'n Roller Coaster.) If attending the show makes you a few minutes late for your fastpass time, is that really a big problem? This will decrease flexibility in getting the most out of a park visit on a busy day.

Lead me to believe that regulars were the ones abusing the system to their benefit.

Word on (Main) street is that this is "a Florida thing"; DLR is not (yet) following suit.

Yes, regulars take full advantage of the loopholes. It's an amazing simple process if you plan accordingly.

On busy days (primarily HalloweenTime), Annual Passholder families come to the parks early, at the 8:00 am opening, one family member can bang the DL fast pass machines with all the entry media while the family rides the first attraction. Rinse repeat, (especially for rides that have amazingly short return windows on cool fall mornings Splash, BTMRR, Indy), and you can end up with at least 3 big attraction FastPasses by 10:00 am. Start with FP for Star Tours, ride ST, ride Space, by then window opens for your first Star Tours FP, don't ride ST, instead get fastpass for Space (which will have a short line (and a very short return window e.g.45 min), ride Buzz, head over to Mansion, ride Mansion, by then the Space window will have opened, then FP Mansion, ride BTM, then FP Splash, etc. All of this can be done by roughly 10:00am as crowds are light on those mornings, then everyone hop to Cal Adventure, Get World of Color FP's (hope for Blue, if red, debate skipping WOC), Immediately FP Soaring, go Ride Tower etc), but then first FP for Soaring window will have opened, bang machine for soaring, go ride Midway mania/little mermaid, rinse repeat on Soaring. If you're really greedy, family member 1 can hop back to DL with all media in hand, it takes about 12 minutes to hop parks and bang the Space machine again (as the two parks' FP machines are independent),), as the Space window now will be over the 2hour max. Rejoin family at DCA for more park riding, etc.

then when family have finished Cal Ad, hop back to DL for the afternoon/evening, with a wad of FP's in hand to be used at leisure for the evening.

Works amazingly well if you know how to take advantage of it. Throw in some older/younger family members who don't ride the big rides, yet can generate FP's for the other party members, and you can have more E-Ticket attraction FP's than you will most likely be able to use for the day. Which you can rapid ride space (which will have a 90 minute standby line), Star Tours (which will have a 2 hour standby line) etc.

as has been beaten to death here, it's not fair, but if that's how it operates, then those that know how to use it, will abuse it. I'm very guilty of it.

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No complaints here. In the evening, the stand-by lines crawled due to all of the extra people flooding the Fast Pass queue with their expired passes.

So basically from what I gather from the "case by case" comment....if I just argue a little more, and come up with some excuse, I will be allowed in after my window....

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And just in case it anyone missed it in the older thread, here's some pics of how the new info is being conveyed:

New FastPass

Kiosk Sign

Time Guide

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