Disney executives resume bonuses in 2021

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Disney CEO Bob Chapek saw his compensation package for the company’s fiscal 2021 hit about $32.5 million, more than double the $14.2 million he took home a year earlier. Former CEO Bob Iger, who exited Disney at the end of last year as executive chairman, also more than doubled his take, with a total comp package worth $45.9 million, versus $21 million the year prior. Executives were not granted bonuses in 2020.

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I bet this drives the nutty fan base nutty. Still, I think the company deserves some credit. They kept paying park people at least for awhile during the pandemic and suspended the bonus program for execs. The company lost $2 billion then followed up making $2 billion. All of this while having to essentially remake the business and focus on streaming at the expense of their movie and network TV businesses.

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I just saw my credit card statement from this past weekend's trip.

You're welcome, Bob.

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That is such an absurd amount of money to give to one person when Gonchar would have done just as well...

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Some of us are leaders, some of us aren't.

I wasn't sure which "Chapek is the antichrist" thread to put this in:

The Magic Is Gone

I love how a resort experience that hasn't even opened yet is "subpar".

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That article is the Disney equivalent of too many trims, not enough air, taer it down!!!11. Sucks.

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Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

The first post in that thread made my brain hurt. "Taer it down!" might have more logic than Disney dorks thinking the CEO's future hinges on them being butthurt about prices.

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Ha ha. If they think Galaxy’s Edge is a let down there’s nothing (short of Bob Paycheck stepping down I guess) that will please them.

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No kidding. We were there on Friday, first time in months. It's still pretty mind blowing to me.

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I would love to see the bloggers take that one on.

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That piece reminds me of some thoughts from when I read that forum thread linked above.

The parallel drawn between this and the Eisner exit are ridiculous. Eisner had likely overstayed his welcome and the vote at that time reflected that. Chapek has been in charge for less than 2 years during an unprecedented pandemic when many aspects of the company's business model were completely reworked and much of that time was spent with Iger still working behind the scenes.

Disney is not just a theme park company that is performing well despite huge logistical and economic challenges. They are a diverse, multi-faceted entertainment company and the parks are just one part of that. The concerns of theme park fans that scream really loud all the time no matter who is in charge and never speak with their wallet bear no more on the CEO's future than a Twitter user that thought the last episode of Grownish was boring.

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