Disney delays Shanghai park to 2010

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A Disney representative said the company will hold off on plans to build a theme park in Shanghai until 2010, in order to focus on the Hong Kong park, now underway. Universal will continue with their plans to build in Shanghai and give them a headstart over Disney.

Read more from CNN.

This is what should've happened in the first place, see how the one in HK does, and then expand.
I still don't see why they need to build two parks in basicaly the same country(at the same time). I mean yes they are pretty far apart, but one prodject at a time. Look at what happened at DCA due to hurrying and penny pinching. If they focus on one park they may have a Disney Sea on their hands. If they go for quantity then they will have another DCA(no offensive to California Adventure fans out there).

Have you hugged a Beemer today?

China is a third world country isn't it? If so how are they going to get people to come through the gates if most people there are lucky if they have enough to eat!


3rd world country, are you nuts?

China is probally the only nation that could give the US a fight if we went to war, not beacuase of equipment, but the sheer size of their Military and size of thier counrty.

3rd world unto itself maybe. They might not be as technologicly advanced as us, but they are massive.

Thier Military is 20 times the size of ours, and they have pretty strong ecenomic power, they are indeed one of the "Superpowers" Hardly 3rd world.

Eithiopia is 3rd world (Starving Marvin for those South Park Fans out there). Where people don't have homes or food, and the average life expectancy is 18.

They are not a Democracy, but that doesn't make them less pwerful.

At least in the communist country if you do you honest days work, food, shelter and the basic needs of life are met and modestly, unlike the US who gives billions a year a way to people who refuse to work and have 12 kids, to get more moeny. *** This post was edited by heraldvanyel on 12/10/2002. ***

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