Disney Cruise Line worker accused of embezzling about $275,000 from merchandise stores

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Disney Cruise Line employee Renan Dias Da Rocha Gomes is accused of embezzling about $275,000 from the Disney Wonder where he worked and then using some of the money to take his family on a lavish Disney World vacation, federal court records show. He was charged with wire fraud from allegations stemming from his job at merchandise stores from October 2015 to last week. He embezzled the funds on gift cards according to a probable cause statement from FBI special agent Joyce Deniz that was in the court file.

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Just so I'm clear, this individual stole from Disney...

...and then spent the money at Disney.

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Well, if only Disney didn't hate poor people.....

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But he wasn’t poor after he stole the $275,000; which is why Disney first hated him, then loved him, but after his court fees, legal issues, and repaying the $$$, he’ll be poor again, so Disney will go back to hating him. A perfect circle.

But seriously; that must’ve been some lavish trip to necessitate stealing $275,000!

He only spent $35000 of what he stole on the trip.

It's amazing that people engage in such elaborate theft schemes that create a massive paper trail. It's even more amazing that this guy went out of his way to spend some of the money in a way that ensured he was caught.

Well 35,000 is certainly still a lavish trip. Makes you wonder what kind of $$$ is stolen from the government coffers. I know a govt official in Dixon Illinois (small town about 1 1/2 west of Chicago) embezzled 26 million and that from a town of 15,000 (she dumped it all into a huge quarter horse farm). So a city like Chicago, Los Angeles or New York have just got to be hemorrhaging $$$ to thieves.

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What's crazy is that he though that the gift card scheme was genius, when there couldn't be a more digital record of everything he stole. Duh.

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Yeah it blows my mind when employees still try and do gift card scams. In the last 2 years I've had to fire 2 people from my pharmacy for embezzling money via gift cards. It's like... you're on camera, the cards can be easily traced, you're DONE. But it actually is shocking that she was able to get away with several hundred thousand before getting caught. Most businesses use algorithms that would catch it after only a couple times, usually a hundred dollars or less. She actually must have had a pretty good system to get away with that much money before getting caught!

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