Disney call for dismissal of state case in Florida because it doesn't matter

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As a matter of legal maneuvering, the filing was routine: Disney wants to shut down the state case and focus on the federal one. But the company’s argument about why the district’s case should be tossed was less expected: Mr. DeSantis and his allies in the Legislature rendered the lawsuit moot with their subsequent actions, the filing said. By prohibiting the district from complying with the contracts, Mr. DeSantis and the Legislature made “any order this court could issue — in either party’s favor — legally irrelevant.” The company cited more than 40 court rulings in support of its argument.

Read more from The New York Times.

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This would be hilarious if it weren't for demonstrating the gross incompetence of the state legislature. This is so obvious that apparently no one thought of it. If the state already rendered the contract void, how can you sue to have it voided? These idiots are being out-lawyered at every turn.

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And not surprisingly they canceled the Lake Nona project and move today...

Josh D’Amaro, chairperson of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, said Disney would not be moving forward with construction of the campus due to “considerable changes that have occurred since the announcement of this project, including new leadership and changing business conditions.”


And there was much rejoicing! (...on Flower St.)

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With regards to the cancellation of the Lake Nona project, I seriously doubt that the political climate in Florida played a major role in the decision. I’m not saying it had zero impact, but I suspect that in light of everything Disney is doing to cut costs, shelling out a billion for this campus wasn’t a justifiable expense.

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Agreed, moving some of Imagineering from its hallowed campus and then doing Licensing & Branding in FL is also just stupid business wise, only the DCL part of that makes a little sense.

Also Densanctimonius destroying the University system doesn't help recruitment and partnerships long term either.

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