Disney bus rear-ends tour bus at Epcot plaza, driver seriously injured

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The Florida Highway Patrol said a Walt Disney World bus rear-ended a charter bus. Seven passengers aboard the Disney bus were transported to Florida Hospital-Celebration Health with non-life-threatening injuries, while the driver of the Disney bus was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center in serious condition.

Read more from WESH/Orlando.

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To borrow from a recent Jeff Putz blog post: "How the f- do you hit a stopped [bus], moron?"

I can't image its that hard. The thing is huge and not moving.

The real trick is hitting a moving Cooper Mini. Do that and this driver has talent.

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Remember that scene from Romancing the Stone? That's how...

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I've been in their busses going through that plaza, and some of them get uncomfortably close to each other.

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I think that all of them were formerly bus drivers in Tijuana. The buses there are driven the same way.

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I don't know if all of Mexico is the same, but in Acapulco the buses are privately owned, and they literally try to beat each other to the next bus stop to get the passengers. Has nothing to do with Disney, but that comment about Tijuana made me remember that interesting fact.

In every department in the amusement park industry, human error will prevail, no matter what safety protocols are in place.

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That's a really high bar to set. Remind me not to visit your park.

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The question isn't how you hit a stopped bus, but how do you manage to hit it at a speed that sends 7 people to the hospital, plus has the driver in serious condition?

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People standing up?

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TerraCoaster said:
To borrow from a recent Jeff Putz blog post: "How the f- do you hit a stopped [bus], moron?"

(hangs head in shame)

My one and only accident was me hitting a stopped bus....on the San Francisco bay bridge......during rush hour.....held up traffic for hours.

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