Disney bus driver charged with careless driving in minor collision

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An 80-year-old Disney bus driver was charged with careless driving after two passenger vehicles were struck by his bus shortly before noon Saturday.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

Hmm Gee I wonder why they would right a story like this ;)

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Right a story? Why don't you tell us.

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I can think of a few reasons they might want to 'wright' a story like that...

I think I'd be write in saying DisKnee seems to have transpo problems...


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Wow what's going on with Disney Transport?! This is bizarre with all these things happening so close together.

I wonder if this driver is now unemployed. Also, 80 years old? Good for him to be working at that age. I just hope people don't automatically say the accident was due to his age. This could have happened to anyone.

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Big cities don't even have this many public transport issues. It's time for them to figure out what's wrong and fix it.

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I know a man, who just happens to be a Pearl harbor survivor, who still drive public transport at 87 years old. He said he will retire at 90, and start driving for greyhound at that time. lol

Maybe this kind of stuff happens all of the time at Disney, and now that it is in the public's consciousness, it is being reported. It's like the topic of the month kind of thing.

Big cities don't even have this many public transport issues.

I'm not so sure about that---I suspect we are suffering from sample bias. Just a few seconds with google turns up this interesting factoid:

In fact, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles reports nearly 1,500 school vehicle crashes in 2005 alone.

That's on an injury-lawyer site, and it's a state-wide statistic, but still it's probably not entirely fabricated.

We're often told that WDW is about the size of San Francisco. Here's a report from San Francisco: a crash in January of this year:


Here's another personal injury lawyer page (dubious, but still):


And a blog article about MUNI safety from 2009:


And two more from the end of February of this year:


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I recently wrote a story in the local paper that I work for about a public transit safety class being taught to the local bus drivers in my hometown. While interviewing the man teaching the class, he told me that there are at least two major bus accidents per week in the U.S., if I recall correctly. I suppose that it isn't such an abnormal occurrence.

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They released the video of the 80-year old Disney bus driver's accident.

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