Disney board to shareholders: Disney and Gold campaign misleading

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The Walt Disney Co.'s board of directors are firing back at Roy E. Disney and Stanley Gold, accusing their former colleagues of conducting a "misleading and distorted campaign" against the entertainment giant. "You should be disturbed by this attack, which comes at a time when your company is achieving very positive results," the board wrote in an open letter to shareholders.

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WHY should you be "disturbed" by an attack on such a strong and profitable company whose outlook is SO exceptionally positive? I'd think if you were THAT convinced of your obvious growth and future earnings that you could just IGNORE such a "misleading and distorted campaign".

Jeff IS right that the true Disney-heads often see their (Disney) world in black-and-white that really exceeds the reasonableness considering the situation. THIS time, however, I'm looking at TODAY'S news item (the $66B bid) and thinking that the Mouse House is indeed in a time of great flux....which DIRECTION the empire takes is likely to be decided very soon, and I do honestly believe that Eisner has more than outlived his usefulness at his current position (and possibly created a rift in the company that will have longer-lasting and potentially catastrophic consequences).

There have been several comments recently intimating that Roy's displeasure with Eisner is a result of his ousting....frankly, it sure LOOKS to be the other way around to me. I believe that Roy's willingness to take unpopular positions that were contrary to Eisner's LED to his ouster....and I hope, for the sake of Disney, that Roy reutrns, triumphantly, to lead Disney into the 21st century.

For me, it's NOT about what rides are constructed, or whether this "venture" is profitable or not, it's about KIDS, and CREATIVITY, and EXCELLENCE, not taking a back seat to the accountants....

bill, NOT a Disney-freak...

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