Disney apologizes to couple after employee spoils their proposal

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Supposedly the couple asked another employee if they could use the platform and was told yes. If true, this is an unfortunate circumstance and maybe the dude who stopped it might have thought better to wait a half minute for the proposal to be over. If it turns out they never asked permission, then yeah, it's on them...but honestly, I think dude could have waited regardless (it was obvious what was happening).

Still, I don't really care either way. I'm a little surprised and ashamed I watched that whole video and then decided to even reply. I'm lame.

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I imagine the reason Disney was accommodating was because someone did actually authorize the guy, but the response was kind of messed up regardless of the circumstances. It also sounds pretty typical for the Paris park, from what others tell me. Cast member "magic" there is reportedly pretty thin.

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The wildest Cast Member encounter I ever had was when I was working at WDW. The Epcot parking Cast Member was being incredibly rude and condescending to some guests, and one of the guests was being a real frat bro about it. After some arguing, the guest sarcastically said to the Cast Member "What are you going to to do about it?" and the Cast Member slammed his clipboard on the ground, balled up a fist, and yelled "You wanna start something? Let's go!" This was circa 2010, so had it just been a year or two later I'm sure it would have been recorded on all the iThings. But I still remember it as one of those moments where my mouth literally hung open for a few moments.

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Ha ha. I have encountered my fair share of uptight Disney employees that have been awfully condescending because I didn't do something exactly as I was told. And they do it with that stupid fake smile on their face which makes it so much worse.

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Have a Disney day!!

I saw this the a few days ago and I thought it was a tick tock set up, mainly because the CM couldn’t have been more of a dick. You need to issue a park reprimand? Do so. But don’t go charging through the middle snatching an expensive piece of jewelry to prove your authority.
All’s well that end’s well, but still. If this had happened to me I’d be throwing books at that jackass.


But don’t go charging through the middle snatching an expensive piece of jewelry to prove your authority.

This is exactly what I thought, too. You could almost tell the guy was in shock of what happened, but I'm surprised he didn't lay out the guy for literally snatching away a piece of valuable property.

Either way, this has made its rounds on just about every form of social media. Disney's just trying to save face here.

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My thoughts as well. Make a scene, get in between them, whatever. You have no right to take a diamond ring out of someone's hand and run away, and he's lucky he didn't get tackled immediately.

Also, he looks like he thinks he's awesome for doing so. Dude needs a punch.

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I figured the worker was trying to keep the proposal from happening at a restricted area because as soon as 1 person does it then everyone is going to want to do it. And then there will be the obligatory tik-tok challenge to find the most prohibited location in Disney to propose.

I am curious as to what made that spot so special for the couple that he felt the need to propose there? I could see it if was somewhere that was part of their history such as a favorite ride or something along those lines, but if the public is not allowed in this particular spot what is the attraction to it?

Well, I think we all know what he was trying (and required) to do. It was the delivery. He woke up that morning and chose violence. Not exactly the Will “Slappy” Smith kind, but with the same cringy vibe.
And I believe it’s an off-limits performance stage setting where it seemed like a good opportunity to propose and get video of the event with a perfect castle backdrop and the added bonus of being free of random humanoids crowding the scene. But yeah, in the end not such a good idea.
Except… maybe the couple is the winner after all. In addition to what Disney may or may not do for them, they scored an inadvertent 15 minutes of fame and memories of their special day that will last a lifetime. I’d take that.

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