Disney and Universal battle for best theme parks in the US

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Each year, Walt Disney World attracts just shy of 50 million guests throughout its four theme parks, two waterparks and hotels on its vast, often impractical 47-mile sprawl. New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms started the tradition of the Super Bowl MVP uttering the now well-worn phrase “I’m going to Disney World”, but today it’s just as likely he might take a detour to Universal Studios instead. Opening in 1990 within driving distance of the Disney property, Universal was seen as the hipper cousin to Disney’s relentless cuddliness. The latter has been known to affectionately mock The Mouse House, whereas the traditionally uber-polite Disney company has hardly ever acknowledged its looming competitor.

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What’s happening is that the middle class in America is shrinking, and they’re not going to make a major effort to pursue them, so they’re going for the premium. And if the middle class are left to Universal, then that’s probably OK.

More of the "Disney hates poor people" talk. I really don't see how this guy can possibly say that Universal is more middle-class friendly than Disney. If anything, Universal is more expensive, as they don't have any value-level resort comparable to Pop Century or the All Stars.

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I'm not sure... some of the deals for Cabana Bay are pretty solid, and in the neighborhood. But I agree, this notion that they're going after the premium tourists is nonsense. If I were to judge solely by the cars in the parking lot (non-Florida plates, as presume some portion of the FL plates are rentals), it's a whole lot of middle-class sedans and SUV's, not luxury cars. Granted, that's just an anecdote, as I'm sure the people staying at the Contemporary and the Grand at the very least "do OK" for themselves.

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