Disney adds UCF to schools for paid education

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In early 2018, the Walt Disney Co. announced it will pay tuition, application fees and books for employees for a $150 million investment called Disney Aspire to help educate its workforce. So far, about 40% of Disney’s 85,000 full-time and part-time hourly employees who are eligible have signed up for the program since it began in August 2018, Disney said in an update Thursday as it added UCF to the list of eligible schools.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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Pretty sad when free college only has an enrollment of 40%. Want to bet the other 60% will still complain they dont get an opportunity to succeed..

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Not all of Disney's employees are college age.


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The other 60% already have degrees and are entitled to $100k salaries selling churros.

Seriously though, this is a pretty great perk. It solves the upward mobility problem and in my opinion is money better spent than higher wages for low-skill jobs.

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