Discount Tickets?

I am just curious, what is the best way to get discount tickets for CP. I don't go enough to get a season pass, but I also feel the ticket prices are a little expensive. Not that the admission price isn't worth it, but if my friends and I can save a few extra bucks to use on lunch, it would be worth it. Usually I get them from a credit union or AAA, but the savings are not that great. Any ideas?
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You pretty much found your best deal with AAA. There are also Pepsi promotions, generally in May and June, but the can distribution always seems kind of limited.

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Thanks Jeff.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

I don't know what's funnier. That you're replying to a thread that's so old or that you're replying to one that was last posted in when CB was barely 10 days old.

Never let it be said that Timber-Rider doesn't do his due-diligence in a thorough search...

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