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Friday, May 10, 2002 2:10 PM
I really like Disaster Transport's new effects. There really neat.

Upon entering the ride You can purchase 3D glasses for $1 each. My guess is that CP made them extra because they didn't want the glasses littered all over the ride and it's track.

The glasses are worth the $1. I plan to use them for the remainder of the season, although if you don't want to pay someone will probably give you there's at the ride's exit.

*Note that you should probably stop reading if you don't want to ruin the new or renewed (same thing) effects.

The ride's old posters have been removed in the first room and new 3D ones have been put up. This is the only thing that I wasn't to pleased about. Although, I didn't get a chance to read any of them.

Upon entering the first hallway into the old control room there are hand prints all over the walls. This is one of my favorite effects. The hand prints kind of have an eerie effect and make you wonder where the Transport (airport) crew went.

The theme is no longer taking Cargo to Alaska. It's more of an abandon space port type atmosphere. While I doubt it will be a big hit with majority of the Cedar Point crowd, it may prove unique to children and riders who are a bit to timid to ride some of the bigger coasters.

Anyway the Control Room still has steal walls which were placed there back when the queue was a haunted house. The floor of this twisting hall is painted orange and blue checkers. It appears that half the floor (the blue checkers) are higher than the orange. I saw many people who were actually afraid to walk on blue checkers. A simple effect that really entertained the crowd!

The next hallway contains the glass doors entering in the Storage Room. This effect has been enhanced with the use of the 3D effect. I'm also not 100% sure if this hall was before or after the Control Room.

Going into the Repair Bay which is next, you see a very different seen from last season. There is a huge cylinder in the center which the queue goes around. The cages are still there and various new lighting effects are everywhere. Although some are from old rides or used in previous seasons, they are new to DT or this part of DT. The Fork lift has been moved and the transport repair garage has animatronic arms and flashing lights. Some fog is also coming out of an animated tube near the forklift. New sound effects are also in this room.

Going out of the Repair Bay you will notice some new lights and a siren light going up steps toward the station The station platform is painted in 3D but otherwise looks the same. All the chaser lights on both sides of the lift are operating. After the lift is amazing. The ride takes you through various lighted star fields, a "red" galaxy, and several black holes (complete darkness). There is also fiber optic shooting stars near the end.

The new effects are awesome to say the least. The rides 46 inch height requirement makes it a great family ride.

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Friday, May 10, 2002 2:25 PM
Yeah This very cool I cant wait to go to CP.!:)
Friday, May 10, 2002 4:21 PM
Disastor Transport does make a better ride now.....

Good Times!! Good Times!!

Friday, May 10, 2002 4:37 PM

Glad to someone is as happy as I am with the current state of the ride.

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Friday, May 10, 2002 7:22 PM
Why didn't any one make a big deal of this in the off season? Or am I just ignorant!

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Sunday, May 12, 2002 9:19 AM
I was wondering that to, I was there on may 11 and when we rode I noticed the whole que had changed and the ride had more dark spots in it now. You can smeer that hand stamp suff and do funny stuff with it on you face or on the walls in the black light rooms.
Sunday, May 12, 2002 5:15 PM
Do they still say welcome to Alaska at the end of the ride or is that a casualty? In recent years it was fun to hear that becasue many people did not understand that.
Sunday, May 12, 2002 5:24 PM
joe.'s avatar They still say it. :) I still think they need the monitors in the queue... Even if they make it more of a haywire video system thing....

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Sunday, May 12, 2002 7:41 PM


I think the main reason why it wasn't mentioned was because most of that was there before the season ended last year. I haven't done DT this year yet, but it sounds like a lot of the theming they did for Halloweekends stayed put. I really enjoyed the effect last year also.



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