Dinosaurs Alive!

Now that this attraction has been there a year and expanding to more CF parks, I was just wondering. Does anyone really know how well this attraction did at the parks? For those who have seen it, was it worth the money and would you see it again? Just seems like a do it once kind of exhibit and wonder how they will keep the attraction attendence up.

Apparently it did well enough that they are spreading it rapidly to other parks. We visited Dinosaurs Alive! at Kings Island. As an attraction it sort of is what it is. I can't really say it was "worth" five dollars but it wasn't awful. I'd imagine kids enjoy it much more than adults. Our visit was during September and we were kind of struck by how rough some of the dinosaurs already looked. Some of their skins were already tearing a bit and a few had standing water and leaves collecting on their backs. They didn't look too rundown by any means, it just seemed to imply a minimal amount of upkeep going on.

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We went during spring, the dinosaurs were impressive and huge,very life like.At $5 a pop,it's only worth doing once(for me).I might take my kids through the Cedar Point one once just to see how they transformed the island.Other than that I don't think it's worth doing more than once.

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The only thing that I get out of the whole Dinosaur thing is that it must have paid for itself pretty quickly, otherwise Cedar Fair would not be in such a hurry to put it into their other parks. Upcharge attractions seem to be the norm these days. Wether it be the $30.00 sky coasters, expensive go cart rides, and others. If there is a creative way to make an extra buck they are going to find it.

I think it also might have something to do with the huge popularity of the Jurrassic Park attraction at Universal, and they want to get as close to the universal experience without having to spend as much money. Just look at who is in charge now. Isn't one of the new CEOs a former Disney employee? I'll bet you see more elaborately themed attractions at the Cedar Fair parks in the future...Won't be quite as good as Disney I'm sure, but an attempt will be made.

By all accounts, the attraction at KI must have done pretty well this past season to see it expanded to so many other parks. That said, I still question the repeatability of these things year after year. Sure it probably did well in the first year, but how many of those guests are going to come back and pay another $5/person to see it again?

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Well I think no matter how it did, it was going to be replicated to all parks. I guess that they had a back out plan but it seems that they had this attraction in mind for all parks just like Windseekers. But will be curious to see how it does in the coming year or two.

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A few years is all they need to be popular for. During a construction tour at Cedar Point, Bryan Edwards said these are temporary attractions.

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Jason Hammond said:
A few years is all they need to be popular for. During a construction tour at Cedar Point, Bryan Edwards said these are temporary attractions.

Which required the (presumably) permanent removal of Paddlewheel Excursions, apparently.

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Cedar Point has been looking for a good excuse to use to remove Paddlewheel for at least a decade now.

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It just makes me wonder what is planned for that location after Dinosaurs Alive. There's nothing like planning 5-10 years into the future. I think we'll eventually see Camp Snoopy and the other side of the island being connected.

Cedar Point will always be The Roller Coaster Capital of the World, regardless of the number of coasters they have.

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