Dimensions of small wooden coaster e.g. The Comet in Erie, PA

I am planning to build a 1:48 scale model of this coaster. Looking for dimensions of the track. Attached is a photo. Also dimensions of the cars.

I am guessing the "gauge" of the track is about 4 feet and the total width of the structure is about 8 feet.

And help would be appreciated.


Jay Beckham

Not a perfect match, but there is some information on roller coaster car dimensions here:

If you have access to a library nearby, I believe Robert Cartmell's The Incredible Scream Machine: History of the Roller Coaster has some blueprints for a coaster car in it, as does I think Lee Bush et all. Euclid Beach Park is Closed for the Season, which if I recall has complete prints for one of the Euclid Beach rollercoasters.

The Comet is a PTC Junior coaster, so there may be some slight differences versus the full scale coasters.

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