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We've been reading so many items about people suing or threatening to sue parks because they weren't allowed to go on this ride or that. Here's a story that came across my news feed today. It's gone viral, with good reason. People love hearing a story like this, and it's also nice to hear that some employees are empowered to make decisions.


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That's awesome. By coincidence, I clicked on the link and the second comment shown was apparently from the employee. I'll quote it here as it won't be long before it gets lost in the shuffle (currently at 10,471 comments).

Steve Dassey I was the employee who helped the child on the ride I'm really appreciative of all the kind things people are saying. I feel overjoyed that people take notice of the little things we do. Thank you all so very much. You can contact me on here.

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Nice story. Doesn't surprise me at that park. Anyone else bothered by the comment from "Patterson Immadomecholic," who seemed to make the only negative comment? Although his comment really wasn't about the park...

I went back to try to copy it, but it was gone already. And I don't "do" Facebook, so I'm not gonna go searching for it while at work (or at home for that matter.)

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The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


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This one?

Never under estimate just. Ecsuze they special needs doesnt mean they don't know. I'm saying because my son is multihandicsppef & artistic and sometime he has fooled me of nowing more than I knew that he did

I can't really read it to determine whether it bothers me or not.

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I don't take that as a negative comment, he's just saying from his experience with his own autistic son not to underestimate capabilities. Good advice, I'm just not sure about relevancy to the story.

That's the one, Vater. Thanks.

RCMAC, you're right, and that was what I picked up. The only reason I said it bothered me a bit..aside from the God-awful spelling/grammar/syntax..was his implication that the boy in question might have been able to operate the boat. It's a generalization based on his experience, but he doesn't know the people in question. I also thought it irrelevant to the situation.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


Right. It seems dad, there, has more than one burden in his bundle. Oh well, as we say,... bless their hearts anyway.
And this is precisely why I'm not a Facebooker. Aside from it's life ruining potential, I read comments and just wanna poke my eyes out.

This is a reaffirmation of basic human decency. The story speaks volumes--not just about this kind and thoughtful young man, but also about the type of place Knoebels is. This is a park that provides the sort of environment and mentality that fosters this kindness in its employees, and allows them the freedom to do the right thing.

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That just speaks volumes about the employee, as well as the park. :) It's always the small, but significant gestures that can totally make one's week, especially for a little kid.

Those boats are sometimes hard to steer, even for adults! Kudos to Steve Dassy and the park!


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