Did the California waterpark on Ebay get sold?

Sunday, September 19, 2004 3:14 AM
I am asking about this waterpark that is called Rock O Hola (sp?). I had the listing bookmarked since it was listed last winter and saw that the listing was still posted as recently as a few weeks ago. Now just a few days ago the listing was removed so I was wonder what is the status of this waterpark? Other info I have is that on the Ultimate Rollercoaster message board someone form the area stated that the park closed because they lost their insurance. Also the park has over 200 undeveloped acres, a planned 1000 unit RV park adjacient to the property. It is located on the interstate between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The park was listed for only $3,000,000. This property has potential for a great regional theme park especially it would be nice to see a wealthy family they would be willing to run a park well like the Kochs or Knoebels take ove the waterpark and build a nice small family run themepark with world class woodies. Unlike SFMM and KBF they is more room for a park larger than SFMM. A person or company with enough money can fit in a park with at least 15 coasters on opening if they want to. Now don't get the idea they I would expect that many coasters if a new owner purchased the property. I am just saying that with the right planning for future expansion that the property is large enough to have that much potential.

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