Did Lake Winnepesaukah remove their Fly-O-Plane?

Rumors swirling around facebook that Lake Winnie has removed their Fly-O-Plane, checked on their website and it's no longer listed as one of their rides. Any conformation or news about this?

If they did it was the dead last one in the existence. Or... maybe you know better than me whether it is or not.

The second to last. Last one in the US, but there is another in the UK that is with a traveling carnival.

I emailed Lake Winnepesaukah and their response was "While the Fly-O-Plane is not going to be in operation for the 2018 season, we've brought back the Genie (Hrubetz Round Up) by popular demand." So then I asked them was it going to be back next year and they said "We have no further information on the Fly-O-Plane at this time".

So I really don't know what that means. They could possibly bring it back, but who knows. I don't see why they would get rid of a piece of equipment so rare, it wouldn't be a parts issue because Oregon Rides Inc. took over Eyerly, and they have a guy that flies out to Chattanooga once a month during operation season to check it thoroughly and new parts are still being provided from it.

There was an accident back in 2016 involving two small children, so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with their decision to pull the ride this season or not. In my opinion it would be foolish of them to get rid of a ride that is so rare, to me that is what makes that park unique and special. A decision to sell it would be almost as foolish as Playland selling their Chance Turbo.

There is a Fly-O-Plane at Quartz Mountain Fun Park near Altus, Oklahoma.

Oh, wow. I had never even heard of that park before. They don't have a website or an official facebook page, so they must be pretty low key. Have they been open a long time?

I think the park has been in existence for several years. Click on http://www.quartzmountainresort.com/area-recreation.php and look under area recreation. There is a listing for the park with a phone number. Also check https://www.travelok.com/listings/view.profile/id.6149.

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