Did anyone get to Knoebels Hallo Fun?

I read somewhere that the Golden Nugget cars were too far gone and they're having new ones built... I was just wondering what the heck did they buy? The track looked new, the cars will be new and the stunts stayed with Moreys. The plans?

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The track is the original track. It was refurbished and still looks old to me (not sure how it could be mistaken for new track). New cars are being built. Dick commented at PPP that they had trouble acquiring the right wheel size, but they ultimately succeeded in doing so. It is scheduled to open with the park in April.

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I didnt look at the track that closely, Moreys had chopped a bunch of it up for souveniers at the closing ceremony, I wasnt sure if there was any of it left LOL.

To answer the original question, I was. Not to be a smart ass, but I'm not sure what the rest of the post had to do with that though. During Hallo-fun, traffic was limited to just a few areas of the park. Black Diamond's location wasn't one of them. You couldn't go beyond Phoenix Junction.

The event also started at 6:00 PM, so no work was being done at that time, and between the dark and lack of access, it wasn't possible to see what progress had been made since PPP.

I have seen in the past where people have shot the **** with Dick Knoebel during their Fall events. I was just curious if anyone did.

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