Did anyone else try this at Cedar Point in 2013?

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Ironically, Plinko probably has a higher probably of winning than other games, because it is based less on player skill. You pick a spot and drop the chip, versus squirting a gun at a target, tossing a ball in a basket, etc.

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Lord Gonchar said:

It would be better if they just gave me everything I wanted, when I wanted it and asked nothing in return. But that's not realistic.

With that attitude, it will only be a matter of time before all these parks close. You'll see.

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Dude, you're such a negative Nancy. Why don't you just stick to what you like?

You know, hedge trimming, wet tight-whitey twister, and drawing comics of guys with "suntan lotion" on their chests.

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Yes. I agree I do make negative comments, but only about subjects that bring out the negativity. And, my suggestion is, the game would be less negative if they did not have the buy one get one prize. And, I never said it was a bad game, it's just a huge money sponge.

And, from a business standpoint, for those of you who said I don't understand it. Go back and read my post again where I said the game was genius. It's 70 percent profit, and probably more than that.

You are playing the game to win a cut in line, which is actually just paying $5.00 to cut in line if you win. The buy one get one is another draw out of your pocket. And if you lose at them all, it's 100% profit, and with some people playing multiple times, it's profit on top of profit.

As a former stock person, I look at the whole picture. Each play is figured out profit wise. The $5.00 to cut is 100 percent, and if you win on the buy one get one free, that stuffed animal or prize that you just won might take up that initial game play cost, and a little of the original $5.00. But will still leave the company money even if every person that plays wins.

Those prizes are purchased by the caseload, and each one cost a fraction of that $5.00. Those park cups that cost Up to $12.00 each come probably 100 to 150 in a case, for $20 to $30 per case. Sell just 3 cups and the case is paid for. So, I know the business very well.

I also worked for Farrow Amusements and Crown. Almost all of their games were "bump ups" Where you're original win was just a small prize. But, if you wanted a better prize, you could continue playing, and with each win bump up to the next prize, and you could also trade in your prizes for one big one. I always opt to not trade up. I would rather have 10 small prizes than one big one.

But, the huge profit is on everyone that loses, and like I said, the people that lose at the buy one get one free, and keep playing that game. Which creates an even bigger circle of profit. So yes. I understand business very well.

I would even bet that the gatekeeper Plinko game was most likely the most profitable game in the park, with it's domino effect of leading to profits at their other games. Total genius.

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Once upon a time I was with my grandmother at the grocery. She puts an item in the cart. I said, "Grandma, those are buy one get one free". She said, "I know, I only want the free one".


It's a game of chance, there is supposed to be an element of chance and risk, otherwise why play the game?

Gonch is right. You play the hand your dealt and use the items you win for the best bang for you buck.

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Played once, with my son. We were there on a crowded day we normally would not have been. My union's "Family Awareness" day in mid summer. It was $5 for 2 chips. GK's line was long enough that we were not going to wait in it, so we figured, "why not?" Plinko is still fun, right? We lost, no big deal, and went to Wicked Twister, which had a short line.

Regarding Timber's posts:

In this game, the win/loss ratio is meaningless. Even if every single player won, the profit is 100%. Moving someone to FOL costs the park nothing, as there is no prepaid trinket being given.

The game is only attractive to customers if there is a long line. Can't offer it on slow days. (even though people still pay for Fastlane on slow days.) GK's line sometimes dies down mid afternoon, even on busy days.

I have seen them doing a Millennium Force Plinko on a day where GK had short lines, but MF had long ones.

Oddly enough, I still saw plenty of people doing the Plinko games when lines were non-existent. Particularly the haunted house ones they had in the fall. I assume that, at least for some people, $5 to "experience" Plinko is probably worth it regardless of the "value" of the prize.

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You could probably build your own Plinko board for $5. Actually, T-R's would cost about $3 since it wouldn't have any nails in it.

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Played Plinko 8 times over 8 separate trips, won a front of line pass once.

Did I have fun? Yes
Did I enjoy the front of line pass? Yes
Did I miss the $5 when I lost? No

It's certainly worth taking a $5 crap shoot on a busy day to get a chance at a front of line pass, the odds of winning are not that bad.

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Wouldn't it have been better if it was $4? Or free? Or if they paid you to play? And if you won every time? And if MA added a new coaster?

Vater said:

And if MA added a new coaster?

You just figured out what the grand prize slot should be on T-R's fantasy Plinko board.

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

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Bakeman31092 said:

You could probably build your own Plinko board for $5. Actually, T-R's would cost about $3 since it wouldn't have any nails in it.

Yup. I built one myself using pegboard and pegs that I bought at Home Depot. We break it out every year for the kid's birthday party and it is a hit with the kids and parents alike.

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You should charge $5 per play.

And give no prizes.

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Nope, the kids are playing for a "front of the cake line" pass...

Actually, each kid gets 5 chips and the slots are worth 1 - 5 points. All the kids get to pick from the prize box. The player with the highest score gets to pick first, and so on. Yup... everyone gets a trophy and the house actually loses money.

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Sounds horrible.

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Thanks for giving me a great idea for my family's annual Halloween party. I love it!

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Lord Gonchar said:

Sounds horrible.

Don't let him fool you in to thinking the game is "free." His admission charge is outrageous.


LostKause said:
Thanks for giving me a great idea for my family's annual Halloween party. I love it!

Are you sure you're not already the main attraction at the annual Halloween party? Don't upstage yourself, now...


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