Did anyone else feel this way on Top Thrill Dragster?

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All everyone would tell me about the ride is the launch, launch, and the LAUNCH.

But when I went on it, I actually found the drop and the 120 mph run after that had more speed, forces, airtrime, and somehow more intensity than the launch. Does anyone feel this way too? I really liked the constant 120 mph at the end for some reason...

Did you know there's other coasters besides Formula Rossa and Top Thrill Dragster?

Neither did I....

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The launch on Dragster is probably the single most best part of any coaster for me. I never get sick of it.

But I feel the launch is a bit more intense than the drop and runway after the drop.

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After three or four times, I found the launch, and the ride, was "meh." It just doesn't do it for me, especially if it means waiting in line.

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I can agree with all opinions here. The only time I usually ride The Dragster is at CoasterMania. I'm on Jeff's side regarding the wait. I can't comprehend waiting 90min for a 17sec ride. I'd rather put the 90min towards Millennium Force.

However, I feel the best part of the ride is the launch. Steve WoA has the exactly same opinion as I do. The hill is nothing.

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I much prefer the launch on XCelerator, to be honest. I like that it's silent, with no revving and screeching, and it's so short that it really does the trick.

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I haven't ridden TTD, but agree with Mr. Bear regarding the launch. That being said, that pop of air over the top hat really scares the bear poop out of me.

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I love the entire experience. From the people watching from the grand stand and the anticipation waiting for the launch to the pop of air and moment to look around at the top to the wild decent.

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I can only speak about Kingda Ka. Launch was fun, but somewhere just before the ascent began I had to close my eyes to avoid losing my contacts. I opened them for a second at the top, and then they were essentially closed again until the brakes. So while I was blind during the drop, it didn't really feel as intense as the launch.

I definitely appreciated the overall speed once it was reached, but I didn't find the launch itself as forceful or intense as Hypersonic's or Storm Runner's.

I enjoy TTD for what it does, and I think the launch adds an excellent burst of energy to the day. In the mornings or after a break down / storm, there's also that exciting feeling of whether or not you'll win a roll back. I've never won yet though. :'(

The ride can be much more appreciated when you walk right on it, and they let you wait in the station to re-ride in open seats. String 4 or 5 TTD's together, and it's quite fun. But when waiting longer than 15 minutes, I'd find more value in Maverick or Millenium.

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For me, Dragster is all about the launch. My buddies tease me because I scream like a girl the entire time. Usually the launch is all I remember. I do agree though, it's not worth an hour wait. If I can walk on, great. But if it's 2 hours, there are other rides in the park.

I do agree about the wait... I can't remember the last time I waited more than 15mins for Dragster. Down the ramps I pass...

But the same goes for any ride at CP anymore. I only ride when I go for early entry or days that it is dead.

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So what did you guys find more exhilarating, the final speed or the acceleration?

I too have very little patience for long lines for Dragster. Really, even a 30-minute wait is too much for me. I'll do MikeyB one better: I'd rather wait any given amount of time for a ride like Disaster Transport or Iron Dragon--though in the case of the former, the wait is now decidedly prohibitive.

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Blaster, I find the launch the most exhilarating aspect.

I really think that TTD is a ride about conquering fears, and that's what makes the experience so awesome for first-time riders or even being with first-time riders. Considering many of us here have ridden the ride countless times with the same people, that mental rush is gone, and we're just left with the physical aspect.

My last ride on TTD was possibly my favorite, and it made the ride feel fresh and exciting all over again. There was a 60-ish looking mom and her 25-ish looking daughter in the seats in front of me. The mom just appeared to be one of those sweet ladies that waters her flowers and bakes apple pies with fresh apples all day. She looked totally out of her element on this coaster and had never ridden it before.

She appeared determined to live this night up with her daughter and ride anything, but she was frozen in fear. Her daughter kept pumping her full of encouragement, "Oh mom...don't be scared. This is going to be so much fun! I promise you're going to like it."

They got to the brake run, and the mom was just laughing, slapping hands with her daughter, who exclaimed something like, "You did it, Mom! You rode the tallest, fastest coaster in the world!" (I pulled out my ACE card and said, "Actually, Kingda..." NO)

Anyway, this TTD experience could have totally been made into a 'Thrills Connect' commercial and aired for Knott's. It was exciting to witness, made my ride thrilling, and I'm sure it made their night.

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Thanks for your answer. The mother and daughter thing must've been pretty exciting for them. I remember my first time on Dragster. The only thing related to that moment is witnessing an 80 year old woman riding the Slingshot at Fun Park America near Virginia Beach. After that, she starts blabbing about how amazing the ride was, but can't really speak that fast. In the end, she just gave the ride operator a hug!

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We waited an hour (hour and a half maybe) last Saturday for a ride. But I was there with a couple of friends who hadn't been in 4-5 years so we waited.

And I still hold by my original assessment of Dragster. It's a piss-poor excuse for a coaster, but it's one hell of a thrill ride.

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Juggalotus said:

It's a piss-poor excuse for a coaster, but it's one hell of a thrill ride.

What a great way to describe Dragster. While the ride length is very short, it gives me a rush that I don't experience on any other coaster. Does that make it my favorite coaster, no, but I also don't mind waiting to ride.

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I would have to say that the Launch is the best part of Top Thrill Dragster. I thought that Wicked Twister had a pretty awesome launch, until my first ride on Dragster. I was really excited on my first ride, expecting it to be very exciting, but HOLY S#$T! was the first thing that came to mind. But, I agree that waiting in line for more than an hour for that short ride, would be bypassed for one of the other coasters.

As For M-Force, I still think the most exciting part of the ride is the speedy lift hill, and cresting that 300 foot level with a nice pop of air before going down the first drop. I sat in the very last seat, and WOW. I think the pop of air there is better than topping off on Dragster. But, I agree that having a roll back on Dragster seems like it would be lots of fun.

I wonder if there is a difference in experience on the Superman ride at SFMM now that the trains are running in reverse. Even though, TTD is a faster ride.

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Raven-Phile said:

I much prefer the launch on XCelerator, to be honest.

Right park...Monte, for as long as it stands (hopefully forever) is just the Sweetest Perfection, in my eyes... ;~)

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