Dick Kinzel's roller coaster ride to CEO

Posted Wednesday, September 3, 2003 4:35 AM | Contributed by Gemini

Brandi Barhite from the Sandusky Register recently spent some time with Cedar Fair, L.P. CEO Dick Kinzel for an article published in the newspaper. Kinzel comments on his career with Cedar Fair, bad decisions, and why you don't hear rap music on the midway.

Read more from Virtual Midway.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2003 7:50 AM
Very nice work. It was enjoyable to read. I think we all will miss him when he retires but I can only wonder who will replace him.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2003 6:42 PM
I agree. It's an eyesore. Put a nice little family mouse or something there that would look nice on the beach.

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DELETED! What time does the water show start?

Wednesday, September 3, 2003 7:56 PM
Yeah, something really nice on the beach like a GG woodie, a 2nd Gen. Arrow 4D, or a B&M flyer. ;)

I'd take a few sets of flying scooters, too!

"He was the first to go over 200 feet with a roller coaster, the first for 300 and the first for 400. I wouldn't put it past him to go out with a crowning achievement and go over 500 feet." - Gary Slade

I wouldn't either, Mr. Slade... I wouldn't either.

- John

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Thursday, September 4, 2003 12:28 AM
Mr. Kinzel is the modern day pioneer of the amusement industry...period. He and Cedar Fair had the guts to go higher and higher breaking records, always giving Six Flags something to shoot for. I only went once to Cedar Point back in 1992, and it was the highlight of my adult life. Run rides full capacity whenever possible and keep the lines moving with great attractions. That's how to run an amusement park.
Thursday, September 4, 2003 7:20 PM
I wouldn't be surprised if DT doesn't eventually get taken out. That little area would be a great place to make a "beach boardwalk." Get GCII to design a woodie and then add some old fashioned flats (FLYERS!!!)

I also agree with Mr. Slade that I think Mr. Dick will try to get the half-millennium mark before he leaves (man that will be one tall coaster).

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