Development on the former Americana property will pay homage to the defunct amusement park

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After several revamps, Americana finally closed its gates in 2002. The Screechin' Eagle was removed in 2011. In 2017 were purchased by Butler Tech. The city is considering a partial recreation use of the lake, utilizing the sky ride seating for walking path benches, and possibly constructing a small museum dedicated to the land's history.

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Waiting for the Geauga Lake fanboys to find a way to blame Cedar Fair for this.

When I was a kid we lived in Dayton and LeSourdsville was my home park. The coaster, known then as Cyclone, was my first big coaster.

So I have a soft spot for the park. I’d like to say I miss it, but in it’s later days it was pretty awful. The real shame was that the wonderful coaster was lost, and nobody picked it up for relocation. I understand that’s a rare thing these days, but still.

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I was fortunate enough to experience LeSourdesville Lake when it was open in 2002. The park wasn't a whole lot to it, but Screechin' Eagle was unforgettable. Our group called it Ohio's best stand up coaster because that's what those hills made you do.

It's too bad the park couldn't work. But Kings Island was too big and too close and Cedar Fair later bought it. So thanks a lot Cedar Fair for ruining LeSourdesville Lake!

BrettV said:
Waiting for the Geauga Lake fanboys to find a way to blame Cedar Fair for this.

Nope. We just blame them for messing up with Geauga Lake. That's all.

I hate bringing back really old posts, but this popped into the history today. Did anything ever end up happening with this plan?

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