Developer wants to open new park in Virginia

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A Blacksburg, VA developer says he wants to build a $500,000 theme park in Pulaski County. Joe Baker plans to present his plan for a game show/board game-themed amusement park to the Pulaski County board of supervisors on March 24.

Read more from The Daily Press.

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$500,000 seems like very little money for a theme park. I like the proposed game show/board game theme, though--I'd be interested to see how it would be executed. I think Winchester might be a better location than Pulaski County, since it's closer to Northern Virginia. That's a biased statement, however, since I live in Northern Virginia.

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I agree about the money -- either the reporter got the facts wrong, or this is just going to be an FEC. No way a "theme park" could be built for only $500,000.

Still, I sure would like to see what they come up with as far as theming! They could have a "Wheel of Fortune" themed Trabant or a "Mouse Trap" wild mouse. They certainly would have a lot of choices, assuming they could get the rights to them.


Mamoosh's avatar could be a reeeeeally reeeeeally small theme park ;)


A park without a hyper coaster is like dancing about architecture.

Like Vater said I'm in favor of the proposed park being built in the Winchester area because it's much closer to home than the Roanoke area which is all the way down in the southwestern area along the Tennesee border.

If the plans do go through & the park gets built then it will certainly up the level of competition for PKD & BGW,I doubt it would have an impact on SFA unless it is located in the Winchester area.

Well all it really needs to be a theme park is a park with a theme.

An FEC could probably fulfill that.

That said, if you ignore Virginia Tech, the Blacksburg area is pretty dinky -- especially in the summer.

How about a Rotor themed to "Russian Roulette"? As the ride spins, you never know when you're going to fall through the panels beneath your feet.
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I hope that this is built because I live in the Roanoke area.

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Sorry guys, I have to disagree. Though I only live an hour from winchester now(in eastern panhandle of WV), we have SFA, PKD, BGW close, plus Kennywood, Dorny, and Hershey aren't that far away either. I'm from southern WV, which was only an hour and a half from Blacksburg/2 hrs from Roanoake, and they NEED something like this down there. The only other options (for my home area, not from VA) are 6hrs to PKD, 7 to BGW, or 4 to Carowinds. Heck, even Camden park is almost 4 hours from where I used to live, so I considered Carowinds my home park, since I always went there instead.

I hope they do start with something small, and at least one decent coaster. I'd even be happy with them buying Shockwave;)(yes, I did like shockwave), but anything would be a start. Hope this passes.

Besides, all Ya'll NoVa peeps, it's only about 3/4 hrs to Roanoak/Blacksburg, just hop on I81:)

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$500,000 will buy you a preliminary development plan for a theme park. It might buy the land for a tiny park in a remote area. Unless this reporter missed a decimal point there is no way that anyone is going to build a theme park for that small amount of money.
Im with Jim on this one, 500,000 isn't going to build much. I was thinking missing decimal or zero.

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