Detroit eyed for possible zombie theme park

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Found this on the web today:

Doubt it will ever open but this would be my dream come true. The only problem I see is that I thought Detroit had already been over taken by zombies years ago.

This is an idea that could catch fire in Detroit.

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This is a seriously messed up idea, but it has great potential. I've been saying for years that some sort of horror theme park would be really cool. I have trouble seeing how on earth it would be considered safe for people to be chased through the park though, and I would also imagine any abandoned buildings would need to be internally rehabbed to avoid injuries as well. Still, it sounds like a very interesting idea.

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This sounds amazing! It's bold, unique, and could really become something really big. It's not a "theme park" in the traditional sense at all, but an idea that is brand new and never done before. I want to play!

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I just hope they would let me bring my crossbow and shoot me some walkers.

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I'd like to submit my idea for a ride where guests try to keep Carl in the ****ing house.

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Carl is an annoying little bastard.

I'm waiting for the episode where Carl gets a waiter job at the Otis buffet.

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I wish the over the top fascination with zombies would just go away forever.

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BullGuy said:

I wish the over the top fascination with Maverick would just go away forever.

Fixed that for you. ;)

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As an (unfortunate) resident of the metro Detroit area, I was more than enthused to read this. Though I think their 200 acre plan is a bit ambitious for starters. Perhaps starting with a more modest 30-50 would be smarter approach. I mean, I've hunted on 35 acres of open field and that's more than enough space. Though I guess that depends on how long they plan on one game lasting or how many groups there are to a game.

Speaking of costs, I can't imagine just how insane it would be to completely renovate/dummy proof the houses, warehouses and other buildings. Not to mention keep people from going commando on some of the actors. It's some peoples dream to live out a zombie apocalypse so who's to say they wouldn't want to make it even more realistic and literally try to take one of the actors heads off? I'd like to say people have more common sense than to do that but I dont know what to make of society sometimes.

In any case, a lot of hurdles await them but I still wish them best of luck. I'd love an opportunity to work with them if it ever comes to fruition. And who knows, if it were to happen and become insanely popular, who's to say a small "zombie themed park" couldnt be added? :)

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Personally, I can't wait for this idea to die down for a few years before eventually being resurrected, just so we can joke about digging up the zombie thread about the zombie park...

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Urban landscape + zombie hunt + paintball arena?

That way, you can land a headshot without actually killing someone. Yeah!

TTD 120mph said:

Speaking of costs, I can't imagine just how insane it would be to completely renovate/dummy proof the houses, warehouses and other buildings.

Exactly. Legitimate Brownfield redevelopment in SE Michigan is stagnant due to the local economy and Detroit can barely afford to raze long-condemned crack houses. This idea makes the Gaylord park seem like a slam dunk money printing machine by comparison.

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It makes me wonder just what they plan to do with the $140,000 they hope to raise. A kickstarter for what exactly? Research into what the true costs would be? Or research to find out how many pair of underwear they'll need when they do find out the insane cost of the project?

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The wall to enclose a perimeter of 200 acres would be almost 12,000 feet long at a minimum. That would be pretty costly in itself just to keep the real Detroiters out.

It would also be pretty costly to fix up abandoned buildings to make them safe while looking unsafe. Everyone of them would have to be sprinklered and fire-proofed. You want to be on the third floor when some douche thinks it would be neat to start a fire on the first?

There will be idiots who will act like idiots and think reality plays out just like a video game. All it would take is one idiot to bring down a multi-million dollar investment in hardly any time at all.

Stick to playing Left for Dead folks.

Sounds like a great idea. Six Flags eyed the D years ago and actually built a park there. I'm sure that a zombie theme park would be just as sucessful.

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