Designer John Allen profiled on park history site

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Amusement Park History presents a comphrensive look at roller coaster designer John Allen's many years within the amusement park industry. Utilizing original photographs, classic postcards, primary and secondary sources this large piece allows interested readers to delve into an era not covered in many roller coaster histories. This work is a springboard for both a better understanding of the post-war coaster culture and the man who kept the coaster alive and brought its second "Golden Era," Mr. John Allen.

Glad to see it. The "golden age" of the twenties get a lot of recognition, and today's "big numbers=great coaster" machines draw much press, but what came in between tends to get lost. Allen was a master at building coasters that were simply fun.
Very good article if I might say so myself. It appears that A LOT of time was put into the research on this one.
What is life without ups and downs!?!?
Great Job Adam! Excellent Article!
Hate all his wood coasters
Great work, a very well-written article about a true roller coaster genius.  Hopefully it will help enthusiasts understand the true mastery of his work, except for KrakenKid200 who simply felt it neccessary to let us all know that he hates all of Allen's work.

Which one of his coasters have you ridden? Just curious.

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The bluestreak was a fun Allen ride :)
Got a problem with RWB? you've got a problem with me! Rollercoasters are the secret of life!
OUTSTANDING!!! :) My fav's will always be the Sea Dragon, Wild One (Giant Coaster) and Cannonball!
"Those were rose-colored times on rides with your eyes closed"....Lisa Loeb
Thanks for all of your compliments.  It is always nice to share a subject I love and have people enjoying reading it as-much-as I enjoyed writing it.  I hope everyone has great times during their park visits this fall!


Pretty neat John Allen Youtube video I stumbled across+

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OK, am I missing a link in the original post? Also, LONNOL's link seems to be borked.

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"I hate Rebel Yell (recently) so I hate Allen's work" similar to "I rode Revolution (recently) and so I hate Anton's work."

The rides running now are not the same. John Allen's coasters weren't meant to run with heavy duty restraints, and those heavy trains -> rough tracks.

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obxKevin said:
OK, am I missing a link in the original post? Also, LONNOL's link seems to be borked.

Yeah, that tends to happen in threads that are 10 years old.

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Wait, WTF!?


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Guess I'M the one that's borked, huh? :)

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Your zombie-droid avatar is alarmingly appropriate in this thread.


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