Desiging an amusement Park

Monday, August 16, 2004 5:56 PM
I have desided to take up a hobby and I was wondering if anyone would enjoy designing an amusement park. This is just for fun, but I want to design everything from where plants are going to be placed to how the rides are going to work. If anyone is also interested in this same hobby let me know.

Monday, August 16, 2004 6:01 PM
hell ya im in where would we do it
Monday, August 16, 2004 6:03 PM
So... isn't this RCT3? ;)

Seriously though, how would this work? Do you mean a working model, or a detailed Master Plan with submissions just for kicks?

Oh, and BTW, your first approach (Proposition) generally isn't viewed in the most positive light here. There have been problems in the past. Anyway, you're new so really it's no biggie... but welcome to CoasterBuzz.

Monday, August 16, 2004 6:13 PM
This would be for real. I am a cad drafter and I want to get down to the nitty gritty. I want to design everything from the different themed areas to rides to well everything. Working drawings and everything. A model would be awesome but that will take some time. Anyways well look at my profile for my site and I have a forum there. Well I think I can have my website in my signature so it is there now. Hopefully I wont get in trouble again. This is just something that I wish to get a goo group of people involved in.

So for whoever is interested just contact me somehow.

Monday, August 16, 2004 6:55 PM

A model would be awesome but that will take some time

Won't the drawings themself take "some time" too? *** Edited 8/16/2004 10:56:11 PM UTC by mantis man***

Monday, August 16, 2004 7:16 PM
I have legos to donate. Sounds like a cool idea. Email me for input! :>)
Monday, August 16, 2004 7:26 PM

rayne said:
I am a cad drafter[\quote]

What do you use?? Autocad, CATIA, Pro E, Solidworks, IDEAS, Microstation??

Monday, August 16, 2004 8:57 PM
Models don't take too much time. See signature :)
Monday, August 16, 2004 9:48 PM
I am working on my own "park" right now. I am almost finished with my coaster model. This is a really fun hobby, believe me, I know. I really don't know a whole lot about CAD though. I just play it by ear. If I figure out how to post pics, I will post the pics of my coaster.

Monday, August 16, 2004 10:34 PM
DragsterForce, your model is awesome! Very nice work.
Tuesday, August 17, 2004 9:17 AM
Yeah, but models take a lot of patience... something that a surprisingly few number of people have! If I want a model, I'll steal millrace's when he's not looking ;)
Tuesday, August 17, 2004 10:50 AM
I am so excited that you guys are interested. Just to answer some of your questions, I use auto cad 2002 along with another program called draw power or pattern systems. I am trying to get my company to switch to microvellum. I really like it and it is way more user friendly.

Crashmondo I appreciate you wanting to donate legos, I will definantly let you know when we need some. I would like you to more involved if you like just let me know.

Millrace your models are so cool, the only model I ever made was in school, but I want to make real working models of rides, now that will take some time.

Dragsterforce, if you cant find a way to post your pics, you can upload them to my site and I can put them in your own folder if youlike, just let me know.

Well I cant wait to get started on this project, I have a lot of ride theme ideas, but the layout of what exactally they are going to do is nowhere near finished. So I would love to have you help on that. Also I will add a page to my site with drawings that I do when I finish them, mind you I am not a good hand drawer at all. Cad is way different. Anyways I hope if you all are really interested that you keep in touch with me. You can e-mail me any time or post on my forum.

Talk to ya soon

Tuesday, August 17, 2004 11:57 AM
You'll have to get past the guard cat first Rob!
Tuesday, August 17, 2004 12:08 PM
Environmental Graphic Designer, here. What is that? Hard to explain, but basicly it's signage, exhibit graphics, placemaking, wayfinding... Agh, maybe it's easier if you just see it...

Tuesday, August 17, 2004 12:44 PM

Danimales said:
Environmental Graphic Designer, here. What is that? Hard to explain, but basicly it's signage, exhibit graphics, placemaking, wayfinding... Agh, maybe it's easier if you just see it...

So are you interested in joining our team?

Tuesday, August 17, 2004 12:49 PM
Scale Modeler ( <---I work for them), Drafter, Graphic Designer, and 3D animator here. Would love to help with this project. Between the 67 hour weeks at work, and school, it would be nice to chill and relax and work on something fun like this. Just email me at , or IM me on Aim under the sn GAOCMember. From there, I will give you my office number and cell number, but not on here, dont want people calling for fun, lol. So just give me a hollar some time this week or next. I will leave aim on from about 6PM indiana time (call it indiana time because we never change), and I'll be there to help you out!
This definently looks like a kick butt thing to do, and I will enjoy every minute of it.
Tuesday, August 17, 2004 12:51 PM
Oh, and I forgot. Video editor also.
Tuesday, August 17, 2004 12:53 PM
Haven't decided yet. Sounds fun, but even the simplest signage can take a lot of hours, let alone theming... yikes!
Tuesday, August 17, 2004 12:55 PM
By the way man. I wouldn't recommend asking us how much our models cost to build. I will just tell you this, you would have to be an extremely rich hobbiest to have us build a model of the park.
Just an example- We just did a model of Life Time Fitness (workout building) and when all was said and done it ran about 53,000 dollars US, lol. So unless your extremely rich, I recommend just doing it by yourself. (And yes, I will help.....just shhh....we can't let Ed (owner) know about it ;) )
Tuesday, August 17, 2004 12:56 PM
I agree 110% with Danimales. The signage is insane. Especially if you were to just use photoshop. That would be nuts. As for theming, if your going to get into every little nitty gritty detail....WOW, yeah. You'd be dead before you ever finished it.

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