Desert Race - new coaster for Heide Park in 2007

I was browsing another coaster site (the one we can't link to) and came across a topic about a new coaster at Heide Park called Desert Race. They had some promo artwork from a season passholder mailing and it looks like it will be themed to those desert car races where the cars jump over sand dunes. It is a launched coaster, going 0-62 in 2.4 seconds, and appears to be non-looping. The artwork reminded me a lot of The Italian Job coasters. Looks pretty fun!

RCDB has created an entry for it here.

- Aaron K

0-62.1, you mean.

It's that extra 0.1 miles per hour that makes it great.

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Pics are here, they ain't hosted on the site-which-we-do-not-speak-it's-name:

That looks cool! What a neat park with some cool rides which, sadly, I'll probably never get there. :(


Some fill me in as I'm unaware of THAT site you are talking about. What is it and why is it taboo here?
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You're asking us to talk about the site we can't talk about? ROFL...good one.
All sites outside of Coasterbuzz are evil ;)
I was looking at the last IAAPA issue of First Drop, and they had a blurb in the news section about Heide Park looking at building a Rita clone. I looked on RCDB and the stats for Desert Race and Rita are very similar (at least for top speed and acceleration). It will be interesting to see if the artwork was misleading, or if they decided to go with an original layout. (Assuming that it IS an Intamin they are getting.)

- Aaron K

^It´s a pretty open secret at this time that it is going to be a Rita clone. The layout on the flyer apparantly shows the layout for the once planned AquaTrax.

I only hope that they won´t use the horrible OTSR on a Rita clone, when they run Colossos with lapbars next to it.

It seems the park desperately needs a family attraction and thats why they shy away from a more thrilling layout. Stupid families!

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