Demon Drop K'nex Model

Check out this Demon Drop recreation I created with the original K'nex roller coaster set. I tried to include as many details as possible including catwalks, stairs, entrance turnstiles, signs, etc. The model is fully functional which you can see in the video. Here are a few stats.
Demon Drop K'nex Video

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That's pretty cool. Looks like it took a lot of work.

That's pretty amazing. As an enginerd, I'm most immediately impressed by your brakes... and the elevator-to-drop-shaft pusher... and the balanced drop track. Very clever stuff.


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That's impressive given the limitations of K'nex. You've probably seen the Lego version of Demon Drop out there as well, as that's been around for something like 8 years.

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Very cool!

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Dude, that is seriously tight! I really love the braking and the way the seat is righted after dropping back down into the return track.

Certain victory.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Construction was an ongoing process which lasted about three months. I did check out the Lego model while I was trying to figure out how to engineer some of the tricky components but as Jeff said, there are a lot of limitations when building with K'nex so I had to figure out a new, unique system for everything.

My model was selected as one of the three finalists in Cedar Point’s K’nex Great Thrill Ride Build-Off. You can vote for your favorite creation by liking your favorite ride's photo on Cedar Point's Facebook page. Voting ends at 3:00:00 PM ET on April 12, 2011. The finalist whose photo receives the most “likes” will be the winner!

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Boy, this sounds familiar. Once you win the vote for Demon Drop, you'll probably build the Blue Streak, and then it'll be a restoration of the midway... For the love of Pete, where does the madness end?

Oh, and BTW, I thought your model was positively bitchin'. :)

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That is seriously cool!! I love how it works just like the ride, even with the way it tilts head-down to get back to the lower track. I guess it betrays my age ( :D ) but I remember that commercial, too! Never had the courage to ride it when I was there as a kid, but I rode the one at SFOG several times. I remember cussing out my sister when we were riding it at an "off" time, there was no one waiting in line, and the ride op asked if we wanted to go again. She said, "Sure, why not?" LOL-- I said a few choice words to her on the way back up! :D Drop rides scare the gajeebers out of me!


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