Dells attraction allegedly disrupting crime scene, charged operator returns to work

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The park ride worker charged with a felony for dropping a 12-year-old Florida girl from an amusement park ride before a safety net was secured is back to work at the same Wisconsin park where the accident occurred less than a month ago. Police say they are looking into suspicious activity from several other workers at the small amusement park called Extreme World in Wisconsin Dells. Police stated they observed workers "repairing the ride" where Teagan Marti fell.

Read more and see video from CBS: Crime scene and returning to work. Also, from AP, victim's mother says it's a miracle she lived.

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If nearly killing a customer doesn't get you fired, what does?

Pointing out to the press that a member of your company killed a customer.

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I guess all the local debtors' prisons are full. The article mentions that the guy is working at the park, but not as a ride operator, and that he's worked there for 17 years without incident. The key word is also "charged" not convicted, although having to answer "yes" to the question "have you ever been charged with a felony?" on the job application will probably limit his opportunities for employment elsewhere.

Carrie M. said:
If I were that guy, though, I'd be pretty angry about the park trying to fix the ride in the middle of the night. They are basically working against his case that way.

Unless his attorney uses that to show that the accident was caused by mechanical fault or poor maintenance on the part of the park rather than his client's negligence.

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