DelGrosso's testing its wave pool for next spring's opening

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You may not be thinking about swimming right now, but Delgrosso's Amusement Park is. They've been testing the new equipment and filtration system of the wave pool all this week, making sure things are as smooth as possible for their opening day on Memorial Day Weekend of 2016.

Read more and see video from WTAJ/Altoona, PA.

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I read this earlier and it never struck me to submit it to CoasterBuzz news.

I wonder if they are going to paint the wave pool before they open it next year? The color of the water does not look inviting. Edited to add - The construction company who are building the expansion just told me that it will be painted. They said that there is a lot more work to be done.

As far as the expansion, it is going to be awesome! The existing waterslides and play area that this expansion is going to compliment are really nice. This addition will make this water park pretty large for such a small amusement park.

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I drove past Tipton on 99 on my way back from Knoebels. Just as I was wondering about DelGrosso's I looked to the left and there it was. At that glance it looked like a couple of water slides and rides right there in town. I considered pulling over for a closer look-see but kept driving. They were closed for the season anyway...
I really need to visit the parks in that area someday, all I ever do is drive by.

So the water used to test it will just be drained for the winter? Seems like a waste to fill it, run it a little bit, then drain the water. Why not wait til spring like other parks did when building wave pools?

Cool publicity though!

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Because if you encounter something that isn't right or broken, you don't have as much time to fix it in the spring.

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I just hope this is successful. I'd hate to see Bill DelGrosso* chained to this thing in two years.

(*not necessarily a real person.)


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