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Tuesday, May 11, 2004 12:35 AM
Hi all. I woke up on Mothers Day and decided to drive the 40 minuts from my apartment here in State College and surprise my Mom with a card and candy. It all turned out great.

During my drive back to State College, I decided to stop at DelGrosso's Park for few hours to check out the new changes and get a bite to eat. Driving past the park to get to the parking lot, the Moser Freefal and Wacky Worm are in full view and look great to passers-by. They are located at the bottom of the pedestrian crosswalk as the first two rides you come across when entering the park.

I observed the two new rides and than strolled through the park a little. They were offering free rides to mothers on all rides. This is a great promotion that seems to be quite succsessful each year. The park was pretty busy, as always, for it's size.

While strolling, I looked over the future site of the Crazy Mouse. This area is paved and ready for construction, but no pieces were anywhere to be found. I asked a sweep about the ride and all he knew was that the ride was delayed and would be here shortly. I asked him about the location of the station and the rides direction but he didn't know.

It seems to me the either the ride will be a mirror image of all of the other Reverchon (which is unlikely), or the rides highest point will be in the front and lowest point will be in the back. If the latter is true, it will not be as pleasing to look at.

I ventured to the ticket window and bought 10 ride tickets (which equals 5 rides). My first endevor was Freefall.

The line was the longest in the park; about 2 cycles. The line went straight out onto the midway. Either they do not plan on adding queue rails to the lineup, or they haven't got around to it yet, but I think that rails would be useful if not nessesary.

The ride was family fun and quite unique. It resembles a Frog Hopper, but is about three or four times the size. It was a very short ride with a little air. My ride sequence was Three short drops, climb, Two meduim drops, climb, One big drop. It was fun enough to make me laugh out loud, but not a huge attraction found at large parks.

Freefall has a nice lighting package. Atop the ride sits a sphere with little stobes flashing randomly. Under that is the DelGrosso's crest/shield logo. A zig zag of pulsating lights chases up and down the tower.

Next I rode Wacky Worm, which was right next door. The Wait was only one cycle for everyone in line. It is a very cute, figure eight kiddy coaster that cycles twice around the course.

I had do the ankle crossing technique in order to squish into the ride. This ride is perfect for little kids, but slightly no fun for us grown-ups. I kind of rode it just for the count and out of curiosity. I will not be rideing this one again unless I am with my nephues or another kid.

The decorations are really outstanding on the Wacky Worm. There were tulip shaped light posts around the course and the train itself lokked like a worm. It even has little legs between the wheels on each side. It must be a big hit with the little ones, because I saw them jumping up and down after exiting the ride like in RTC.

Next was my personal favorite, Balloon Race. While waiting my turn, I spoke with a ride supervisor about Crazy Mouse. She told me something very interesting. The ride was delayed because of customs holding it for longer than usuial. She said that It should have been up and running by opening day last week, but it is being examined by customs and has not been released by them yet. I don't even know what this means, but it sounds intriguing.

After a flight on Balloon Race, I strolled past the carousel to Sea Dragon, which is a swinging ship. I waited one cycle for an end deat. Like last year, the kids running the ride were playing Linkin Park's latest CD, which is one of my favorites. A nice 10ish y/o boy rode in the end seat with me, all the while dancing with his hands and singing along to LP. We screamed out loud at the highest point of the ride.

By then I was ready to eat somthing, and Merve's Kitchen called out to me. I had a Sloppy Joe Sandwitch, made with DelGrosso's Sloppy Joe Sauce. Yum yum.

One last ride on Freefall beside a lady who was really scared out of her mind, and I was spent.

Overall, I am very pleased with DelGrosso's. It was, as usuial, very clean and bright. This park has an atmosphere that a lot of little family parks lack. Families haveing a good time is what this place is really about. I had a wonderful time in just the two hours alone there. I can just imagine what a whole day with my family will be like in the near future.

(If you read the whole thing, Thanks. I realize that it's just a few hours at a little family park; I wasn't going for a blockbuster TR or anything.)

Tuesday, May 11, 2004 5:12 AM
coasterqueenTRN's avatar Thanks for the TR, Dexter. I am glad you posted this as I foolishly assumed the Crazy Mouse was up and ready to go. lol.

This puts a slight change in my plans for this weekend but I will get there eventually. I was going to hit the park after Hershey but I think it's time to postpone and switch to Plan B as I had my heart set on that mousey. :-D

I just LOVE those things!


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Tuesday, May 11, 2004 9:52 PM
I love these things also, Tina. I am very excited for it to be built. I will have a Crazy Mouse within 40 minuts from my home; 20 after the I-99 extension opens this Fall.

One employee told me it would be up and running in two weeks, another told me two months. I'll post a topic when it's built for you and anyone else interested.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004 7:35 PM
coasterqueenTRN's avatar Thanks man! I don't get up to PA as much as I would like to nowadays but that Crazy Mouse is on my "to do" list.

Right now I am looking to hit it around KennyKon time.

Keep me posted! :-)



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