DelGrosso's and "Revolution"

Any word on the status of Libertyland's old "Revolution" coaster bought by DelGrosso's? RCDB still has it named as "Unknown" and "Underconstruction 2008". A visit to the park last season turned up no signs of it, not even a clear idea of where they might put the thing.

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^IIRC, read somewhere that it's already been PPD til '09. This one, and SFAW's old Anton shuttle looper, are in competition to see which one sits longer before reconstruction. ;)
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What about PGA's? Is that still in the parking lot at SFDK?

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PGA's was bought by SF, and parts of it, including the loop track, were used to replace worn out sections of SFKK's.
At Eastcoaster, a representative from DelGrosso's mentioned that the ride won't debut until '09 at the earliest. I wonder if the ride was a bad move and are considering another option. Seems to me an old Schwarzkopf looper would have made more sense.
They got it really cheap, so I imagine they're working a bit backward on the install if the purchase was rushed. In my opinion, they have one of the best loop-screws (at least that I've been on). Extremely smooth and re-rideable.
I am always driving past delgrosso's on my way to and from penn state. as of last week, the only coaster i spotted was the wild mouse. so i for one believe it will be PPD until 2009.
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^How'd you miss the Wacky Worm, it's right along the road....and they let "adults" ride. ;)

^^I've always maintained that Revolution was one of the smoothest inverting Arrows pre-TT. I guess to me, this is the ride everyone else says Canyon Blaster is supposed to be. ;)

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