Delays for night time offerings at Animal Kingdom

Well this isn't good. Looks to be at least a month delay...

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In other words, it's like every new big show in the history of Disney theme parks ever.

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You're probably correct. I'm not trying to be anti-Disney or anything, just saw this and since all of this is the cornerstone to having that park stay open past 5 pm, it's a big deal if it isn't on schedule.

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Is it? They keep closing stuff at Studios and it doesn't seem to be hurting them.

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I'm amazed at how often fanboy frustration gets turned into a "big deal". If a family is at the mouse and can't spend the evening at AK, what are they do? Maybe spend time at one of the other 3 badass parks on the property? A shorter stay at the Studios during our trip in the fall just meant time at the pool and an early bedtime.

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But... you're not feeding my sense of entitlement.....

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Even when they made the announcement I'm not sure Disney was sure about the date. I've kept a bit of an eye on it, since we'll be there in May. I checked a couple of times after the April 22nd date was announced, and I never saw the park hours extended past the original 5 or 6 pm closing for our stay.

Unsurprisingly, even this article about the show being delayed gets a greedy Disney comment almost immediately.

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