Delayed Windseeker Openings?

Looks like Kings Island Windseeker will NOT be opened this weekend. Seeing where CP's version is at currently...I would probably guess they won't be open by their opening day either.

Seems strange that roller coasters are able to open almost right on time, but they aren't hitting this on opening day.

I do know Ohio just had their rainiest month since the age of man, but still...

Anyone else notice that CP has now added work night work lights and are now working on it around the clock? Kudos for them to at least step it up a notch.

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I can see CP's opening on time if they continue this dedication.

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I wonder what role, if anything, the big, last minute switch from Funtime to Mondial might have played in the delay?

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Who said it was last minute, or that Funtime ever had a shot?

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Funtime itself apparently believed they had an agreement with CF. And they did that whole, ill-advised retribution announcement in the third week of August, which (and I'm going out on limb here) seems pretty late in the process for the following season's attraction.

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Oh yeah, I remember that. I don't think Cedar Fair ever had any contract with them, or that they ever changed their mind. For all of their faults, they're not really a last minute kind of company when it comes to major cap ex efforts like that.

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Funny, we never did hear anything else about Funtime suing Cedar Fair. So either a law firm told them their claim was without merit, or it was shot down early in civil court. Or maybe it was all just bluster.

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I'm going with bluster. IMO, it was a way to justify, or legitimize, busting out CF's announcement before the date. Once that was done we never heard another word.

Can't we all just get along?

Suing customers is always a risky proposition. What you gain in the short term you may more than lose in the long term from lost future business. And even if not from that particular customer, from other possible customers who as a general rule, don't like to give business to people who sue them.

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