Deja-Vu,,,,errr,,, Aftershock construction pics.

This is actually going up quite quickly. Hopefully Silverwood will have good luck with this coaster.


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Strange to know I was just on this last June in Gurnee. I'm actually very surprised to see how fast this has ended up being constructed.

Any word if they're going to keep all the old paint and train colors? I gotta think they won't change them because of how late in the season this will end up coming online. (This is going to be a 2008 addition correct?) Then again I'm also surprised to see this coaster almost completed as well.

Silverwood has some construction ninjas on the job with this one.

Thanks for the update.


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Well, at least they didn't scrap it like they did Shockwave...

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Wow. I just had that thing where you feel like you've been the same place before and done the same thing before. What is that called again? ;)

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Wow it amazes me how fast Silverwood is building the coaster. Just Tuesday on the way in for Dark Night Press Day we passed flatbeds with track on them. The ride is 100% off the former site as of Wednesday. This was one of my favorite rides and I hope the guests at Silverwood enjoy a long run with it. But to be honest with both ShockWave and VU now missing from Great America, the landscape is so much different now. In a short period of time Great America lost 11 inversions, ouch. Fans of Silverwood you are in for a great ride just ride it like everytime could be your last.

Ronald Witrzek
If I was still in SFOGland, I'd miss Deja alot. I'm glad I got two laps in two visits one summer. It's not a perfect coaster but the experience is like no other.

I still wish I'd skipped the two hours I waited for it the second trip that summer. I coulda powerridden Scorcher and MB instead which would have been way fun.

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Never rode it, never will, but I do have to say that the information on this trade was kept secret. My liason at Dark Knight Media Day Knew it was going somewhere but did not even know where or what the new name was.

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No it wasn't.

Silverwood has mentioned for quite awhile on its website that it was aquiring DV from Six Flags. They had a naming contest over the winter for the ride.

A few media outlets discussed it also.

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Best Coaster Ever removed from a park.

I sound like a jerk here, but I sort of hope it doesn't work well at Silverwood....otherwise, why remove it in the first place?

^ Wasn't SF's main reason for removing it because it was closed almost as much as it was open? Anyway, I hope it works out good for Silverwood, this park looks like so much fun, and someday I'll get out there to see for myself.

It really is wild to see how far along they are with putting this coaster up. I just rode it last July while at SFGAm. Construction Ninjas indeed!

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^^^ No I know silverwood announced it but I'm saying the employees did not know much about the trade

^Yeah it was not open because of problems with it stopping in the station correctly

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^The misparkings didn't happen that much last year. That was the previous year. It was removed because of capacity and downtime. The Dark Knight had a glitch last night, and it's a lower capacity ride. Hey, it's Deja Vu all over again.

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