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I know that its been said that the most reliable of the originial 3 Vekoma GIBs was the Deja Vu at SFMM. I am hoping to be going to SoCal in early January and will be going to SFMM as well. I know many rides close durning the off season for rehab, staffing, and other issues. Does anyone know if Deja Vu is open regularly during the off season, as long as rehab does not have it down?


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For some reason, I get the feeling I've seen this question before. I just can't put my finger on it...

Also, when I read where you asked about rehab, staffing, etc - I read it as "rehab, stabbing.." which, ironically, is also very appropriate. :)

Hey Raven-Phile...Thanks for the response...but did you really have to use your 666th post on me...

Anyhow, to get a 667th post in, so i don't end up choking tonight or getting hit by a bread truck, you said you have maybe seen this question before, any answers you can help me out with?

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There are 4 Vekoma GIBs. The most reliable is Stunt Fall at Parque Warner Madrid. I understand Silverwood has had Aftershock running well too.

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Isn't the fourth one gone for good (SFOG's)?

SFMM's Vu always seems to be down around Solace each year, so January-March may not be a good time to visit. ;)

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^SFoG's is dismantled at the very idea whether it's "in storage" at SFoG, sent to recyclers, or ???

You shouldn't be worried about Deja Vu being "down" at Magic Mountain. That thing is open all the time. I haven't seen the ride closed during any of my visits this year.

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Sorry, Snowboard - about the 666th post and the content. It was a "Deja Vu" joke. :-D

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Last year, a friend visited in march and Deja-Vu was down for its annual rehab. I think it lasted around a month?

During west coast bash it was down for the annual refurbishment but during the summer it has run pretty constantly with not that many problems as far as i know

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I know this topic is a few months old, but since it is not January yet I will answer. In 9 visits to SFMM this year, Deja Vu has been open 7 times, including 1/2/08. The only dates it was closed were 2/2/08 and 12/7/08. I assume it was closed on 12/7 due to construction on Terminator Salvation.

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