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Monday, February 7, 2000 8:52 AM
Looking back, it seems you can fill an entire park with many of the long-gone rides of Geauga Lake. Of course now you can add the Mirage, Black Widow, Casino, Flying Scooters, and Scrambler to the list as well. Anyone remember some of these?* Calypso- standard Mack/Morgan-Hughes ride. Was located on the former YoYo site (now Mr. Hyde area). Removed after 1980 season.

* Himalaya- not sure of manufacturer and also not sure of what exactly it looked like. I have a picture of me and my dad on the Calypso and you can see the old Himalaya next to it- it looks purple in the picture. Removed after 1976 season and replaced with the Musik Express.

* Paratrooper- standard Hrubetz model. Was located next to the Calypso. Removed after 1980 season.

* Round Up- not sure of manufacturer (Hrubetz?). Was located next to the Paratrooper. When fully elevated, guests were as high as the monorail track. Removed after 1980 season.

* Caterpillar- not sure of manufacturer. Located in same area as Paratrooper and Round Up. I remember the red and white canvas cover that came over the top. Also not sure of removal date.

* Flying Coaster (The Bump?)- This is another of those "way-back" rides. This ride was identical to Kennywood's Kangaroo ride and for some reason, I have heard it referred to as The Bump by several people. From what I remember, the ride was removed after the 1975 season and was replaced with the Matterhorn.

* Corkscrew- Arrow standard Corkscrew coaster. Originally painted white, then painted black a few years later. Removed after 1995 season.

* Rocket Ships- Traver Circle Swing. Originally located near the lake, then relocated to current Yo Yo site, removed after 1996 season. As far as I know, this was the last ride of its kind in North America. Currently lying in pieces behind the Raging Wolf Bobs, and with the park now a Six Flags park, don't expect it to return anytime soon.
* Bayern Kurve- standard Schwarzkopf model. Originally located near the Big Dipper exit, then moved to a site near the lakeshore (on approximate former Wave site). Not sure of removal date.

* The Bug- Traver Tumble Bug purchased from Euclid Beach Park. Located near the lakeshore on approximate former Wave site. Not sure of removal date.

* Rock-O-Plane- standard Eyerly ride. Located along the lakeshore next to the old Rocket Ship location (across from current Fascination area). Removed after 1982 season.

* Fun House- If I'm not mistaken, this was located in the current Palace Theater building and was more of a Steeplechase-style funhouse with a spinning barrel and other stunts. I have VERY vague memories of this and am not sure of its removal date.

* Fly-O-Plane- standard Eyerly ride. Guests rode in caged airplanes that they were free to control and could go upside down if they'd like. The planes always seemed to end up on their side or stuck upside-down though. Originally located near the front of the park, then moved to current Flying Scooters/Yukon Yahoo site.

Sorry- I was bored at work today!!!
ray p.

Monday, February 7, 2000 11:20 AM
Hmm.. being pretty young, I only remember the corkscrew and any rides there after like '95. That is when I started paying attention.
I never went on the corkscrew but I do distinctly remember going on the sky glide and the ship i believe that was there or something and seeing the lake. Now when I am on Serial Thriller I get that memory.
Matt Bly
Thursday, July 19, 2001 8:55 AM
that is soo cool so many cool rides

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