Deer Park Photos added as promissed. (AKA Michigan's Adventure)

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Hello all. It took some doing, but I added some of my old Deer Park photos to the "Day In Pictures" Gallery. I was hoping that I would come across some of the old Corkscrew photos, but if you had been to the park during that time period, the corkscrew really wasn't that much to see. In 1979 the Corkscrew was snow white, which actually looked pretty good in the old wooded setting, but once the woods were removed, it started to look pretty ordinary, and in the later years, leading up to Cedar Fair, it looked old and worn out.

My main reason for posting these old photos, was to show those people who were not able to experience the park in it's heavily wooded setting, what a charming little park it used to be. Some of the rides, and buildings, are still in their original location, but most of what you see is a re-built park, on top of a re-built park. The area where you walk into the park today is where the Mutley's Putts Putts antique car ride was located, along with the park's original bumper cars. It's actually the third time the park entrance has been relocated.

The original park entrance was in the area where Zach's Zoomer, and Be Bop BLVD sit today. That area was also where a majority of the parks rides were located. The original park railroad, the many picnic shelters, and a small petting zoo was also located there. There was also a large area where you could feed the parks deer, which was still there in 1979. (Not sure when they removed the deer)

After the success of the corkscrew, a new midway was built, along with a new park entrance which was located where the parks Mad Mouse is today. Logger's Run, and almost every flat ride was built not long after Corkscrew. With the park's giant gondola wheel, being the park's new center piece. And, the park just took off in expansion from there. Something new was added to the park almost every year. Sometimes, two and three rides at a time. It wasn't until the late 90's that they started slowing down again. Then Shivering Timbers came along, and changed the park forever.

Former rides: Spider, Bumper Cars, Mutley's Putt Putts, and Chaos. Loved the Chaos ride! It was the best ride there, it's a shame what happened to it. Wish they had something thrilling like that again. Oh well. I hope you enjoy the photos. Let me know what you think of them. I know they aren't spectacular, but I was 12 when they were taken, so they still mean a lot to me.

As for Cedar Fair, a majority of the parks rides, and a good chunk of the water park was already there before Cedar Fair took over the park. There was a nice expansion in 2000 in the water park area, but not much in the way of rides has been added since. Most of what they have added are more food stands, games, and the newer water rides. The only major rides added to the park since 2000 are, Funnel of fear, Grand Rapids, Thunderhawk, and an expansion of the Timbertown railroad, most everything else was built by the former owners. Who obviously didn't see the value in landscaping. Oh well.

Sorry if there are a few spelling errors, my keboard is being difficult!

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