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I admit that when I heard the DCA version was not going to have what I considered the single-most surprising and unexpected moment of the Florida [the forward move thru the starry room] I was worried we'd get a sub-par version. I'm happy to admit my worries were unfounded.

I won't put any spoilers in this report but I will say the lack of any significant horizontal movement has no effect on the ride experience. The special effects were stunning and the random drop sequences made rerides even more fun. I rode with a number of people over a 2-day period who are terrified of drop rides and they all loved Tower of Terror!

Adding ToT to DCA's other e-ticket attractions [Soaring, Screamin, Grizzly River, and Tough To Be a Bug] now makes DCA feel like more of a full-fledged park.

I can't wait to go back and ride it again!


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Not having been on Florida's version, I had nothing to compare it to myself, and I really loved DCA's. From what I understand, DCA's lack of such a complicated ride system actually increases uptime and capacity. It certianly didn't feel as if it lacked anything.

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

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You're right, Soggy. The longest line I waited in was about 50 mins but we were always moving, so it didn't see so long.
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I enjoyed it, but having spent $5 in my shady past for a full 8 hours of special effects, it was a slight letdown.

But, I love all the detail in the ride and the capacity is great. It'll be nice when all that Wisteria comes in.

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I've been on the Florida version and seen onride videos on the DCA version. The one thing I love about the DCA version is how it makes that noise like the elevator motors are struggling to get it up to the top floor. The elevator even slows down and acts like it's not going to make it! I think that is a really cool effect.
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Don't get too burnt out on this ride, mOOSH. You will have to take Brent and I many times this Winter! :)

Robo-It's official. Finally moving to Vegas October 1st!

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Don't worry, Rob...I won't! And congrats on the firm move date...that roXors ;)

mOOSH [now with 10% more GID]

I'm going to be bold here and say that I preferred the California version of the ride to the Florida one. While I think the MGM ride has a more ominious-looking building, I think the interior and the effects in the DCA ride are a slight improvement.

With this ride, I REALLY don't understand the things people complain about at DCA!

Too bad the ride wasn't open last year when I flew all the way from Texas to visit DCA and several other parks. I remember being impressed by California Screamin' and Soarin' over California more than any other rides out there. Tower of Terror should be a major improvement.

Mamoosh said:

The special effects were stunning and the random drop sequences made rerides even more fun. mOOSH

Ah...Random drop sequences? While the effects are stunning (and better then Florida) there are no random drop sequences (yet) on CA version. From what I hear there will be eventually, but not right now. Florida on the other hand has amazing random drops. You even see different things in the different programs.

Overall I prefer the Florida version better, but DCA's has a lot going for it too. Once random drops start it will be even better.

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Really? Wow, I could have sworn my rides were slightly different. I guess that just goes to show you how good the DCA version is ;)
After riding just once, I couldn't tell you one way or another!
Phantom, I don't consider those different drop profiles at all. Other then the one shaft which has the flipped show scenes, (which is very very minor) you don't notice things like an extra 20 feet at all since those are taken in the dark.

I will say though, that for some reason, the Alpha shaft has seemed a bit more powerful to me every time I have ridden it. It also seems to break down the most. I have seen this shaft go down many many times now. And haven't seen the other two break down as often. Last Sunday they was even men working on Alpha's Horton doors at park opening. That was a bad morning as both the other shafts quickly followed suit, shutting the whole ride down only 30 minutes after the park had opened! So far, that's the only time I have seen all three shafts down at the same time.

Interesting info on what it will take to do random profiles. Never thought about all the differences that will have to be taken into account. Thanks Phantom!

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